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What’s not to love about Chococo. Brightly coloured packaging containing and their insistance on using real chocolate and quality ingredients means you’re never going to be disappointed with them, whatever you buy.

But it’s Easter, so today we’re reviewing an Easter Egg.

This is a 70% dark chocolate egg and as is often the case with Chococo, it’s made from Grenadan origin beans from the über-ethical Grenada Chocolate Company.

This egg is hand decorated with edible gold. Of course all gold is edible, but it always tastes better when it’s covered in chocolate.

Underneath the surface of this particular golden egg lies a secret. Not a golden goose, but tiny pieces of freeze dried raspberry and strawberry. There’s no other filling or goodies inside, so this is all about the chocolate and the fruit.

I do like the Grenada chocolate, but in terms of flavour, it’s not the most complex and exciting chocolate in the world. Those with a sweet tooth might find this 70% version a little hard going, as there’s not much sweetness to the chocolate itself.

The plentiful supply of fruit does help with sweetness, but even with that this is something for lovers of the dark side. As shocking as it sounds, I’d have preferred to have seen something with a slightly lower cocoa content, or even a milk chocolate version of this egg. I found myself picking at this chocolate without thinking over the course of an afternoon, but never really wanted to take a big chunk out of it.

The freeze dried fruits are great, building in flavour as they melt in your mouth, but this is really an egg for those who don’t generally go for sugary Easter treats. If you’re looking for something a bit sweeter, we have more reviews of Chococo goodies (and plenty more Easter gifts) in the pipeline.


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