Galaxy Amicelli

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Galaxy Amicelli

Inside this 200 gram cardboard hexagonal prism lurk many delights.

Sixteen of them in fact. That’s a lot of delights… and this is what they look like when released from their container…

Galaxy Amicelli

But what exactly are “Amicelli”? Well the box says…

“Uncover these delicious GALAXY® fusions of light wafer, filled with hazelnut praline, gently rolled in smooth and creamy milk chocolate”

…which, roughly translated into English means “Kinder Bueno Rip-Off”.

Thankfully though, Mars/Masterfoods/Galaxy (or whatever they like to call themselves) have done a pretty good of “borrowing” ideas from other people.

Galaxy Amicelli

As you can see, they’re much thinner than a Bueno and not divided into chunks. They’re small enough (12.5 grams each) that they don’t need to be.

But just like the Bueno, they’re creamy, crispy and utterly delicious. They’re quite sweet, but unless you plan on eating all sixteen bars at once, that’s not really a problem.

The chocolate is fairly thick considering the size of the bar, and you can clearly taste that smooth Galaxy flavour. The overall result is a delicious little chocolate snack that goes great with a cup of tea of coffee.

If you’re a Bueno fan, or the type of person that likes something like a KitKat with your morning coffee, then you should really pick up a box of these. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


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  1. They sell these in my local pound store for £1 a box – needless to say, last time I was there, I bought five. They’re perfect with my morning coffee, plus I can fit at least three in my bag without it looking suspiciously full 🙂

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I’m starting to worry… just a little… about the sheer volume of chocolate you’re buying. You don’t HAVE to buy everything we review. 🙂

    (But these are definitely worth it!)

  3. Now hold on a second, I got these BEFORE you reviewed them! 😉
    But seriously, I’m pending far too much money on chocolate. I think I’ve developed a terrible habit: wherever I go, I leave with a chocolate bar (or five). Yesterday, for example, I popped into a nice food hall/restaurant called Flaneur. I wanted to pick up their menu – and ended up with two (just two, though I was tempted for more and only resisted because they’re so close to where I work and I can easily pop in at lunch whenever I want to) Zotter bars (70% dark with chestnut hearts and 30% milk with apple, cinnamon and honey). And anoter thing: once I discovered a particular brand of chocolate, I’m willing to try and test just about everything they make. My waistline doesn’t suffer much, as I’m addicted to working out, but my wallet does seem to be getting thinner lately 😉

  4. If the wafer in here is like the Milky Way Rolls, I found it quite different from Kinder’s (more of a toasted sugar than a crisped rice).

    Anyway, we don’t have those here in the States, but perhaps they’ll introduce them under the Dove line (which is what Galaxy is here).

  5. Keith Stuart

    Firstly, Asda stopped seling them; now Wilkinsons. Where do I now go?

  6. roseneuendorff

    please let me know where i can purchase this candy Asap please thank you rose

  7. jazzai joson

    When I was in Qatar I just ignore this type of chocolate i just prefer back then the basic galaxy chocolate bars. But when time comes I went back to Philippines I try to bought at least one piece of Galaxy AMICELLI and more of bars , but when i tasted the said chocolate it makes me realize why I IGNORE for so long the Amicelli huhuhuhu now where can i buy that tempting chocolate here in the philippines

  8. Mial

    I used to sell these single on my ice cream van, i bought them in a big box of 570 bars, i must have sold about 20 boxes in a year !! (11,400 bars) people loved them, i just wish i could still buy them by the box!

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