Hotel Chocolat “Boo!” Halloween Chocolates

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Last week I reviewed Hotel Chocolat’s Halloween Minislabs and found them to be just a little too good to give away to trick-or-treaters. This week I have something a little more managable – individually wrapped Halloween-themed milk chocolates.

In case you can’t work out what they all are, from top-left going clockwise, we have a “Gorgeous Ghost”, “Scrummy Skull”, “Bewitching Bat”, “Fiendish Finger”, “Creamy Cat” (!!??) and “Tasty Tombstone”.

I have to say the thought of eating a creamy cat concerns me slightly, but given that I’m also eating a bat, a skull, a finger and a gravestone, I guess that says more about me than the chocolates.

There are a total of 16 chocolates in this 180g box. Each sits in a little plastic tray and is wrapped in clear plastic. These are clearly designed to be shared out, and I wouldn’t feel nearly as bad giving these away as I would the mini slabs.

The chocolate itself is excellent, as you’d expect. It’s a sweet and creamy 40% milk chocolate and you can actually taste the cocoa flavours coming through. And when chocolate tastes this good, I can quickly forget that I’m eating a representation of someone’s cat.

And while some may argue that biting the heads off kittens and replacing them with human skulls is a step too far, I prefer to call it “art”…


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  1. John Smith

    These look great!

    Nice review too 🙂 I laughed.

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