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KitKat Editions

I was so pleased when Dom drew the short straw and got to review the KitKat Chunky Peanut Butter. Like Dom, I’ve never been a lover of KitKats, despite the fact I am the daughter of the original KitKat Kid. OK, maybe not the original, but my Mum, born the same month and year as the launch of KitKat; September 1935, was known as the KitKat Kid in her younger days.

Nothing to do with the coincidental timing of her launch or the chocolate bar’s birth, but the fact that she was forever eating them. Infact, nothing has changed. She still eats them all the time, claiming it’s the only chocolate she can eat that doesn’t give her a migraine. Yeah Yeah Mum, we believe you. I reckon she just doesn’t want to have to waste time, politely munching on on pesky boxes on non-kitkat chocs, prefering to get stuck into her beloved whilst watching Coronation street. No…not my dad, KitKats are her the beloved, remember? (Although it has been known for her to get stuck into my Dad verbally on the occasions he has either A. rustled the newspaper whilst Corrie is on or B. eaten the last KitKat – a mistake one doesn’t make twice) did I say last KitKat? How that can happen in Mum’s house is beyond me.

Just open the the chocolate cupboard in her kitchen, if you dare, and allow the multi-packs to fall on your head, then you will know what I mean. Luckily, for the sake of any unsuspecting heads, KitKats are quite light so i’ve never suffered more than a few minor grazes. Also, it’s worth mentioning that Mum, now 70+ is still rather trim, which goes to prove that chocolate isn’t to blame for weight gain. Personally I blame lettuce. (I can hear the dieticians shouting at me already)

Before I start my intended review of this KitKat Editions, I’d like to say i found this little fact rather interesting –  If you laid out a year’s production of KitKat Chunky, it would stretch from Land’s End to John O’Groats a total of five and a half times! From

I guess it was the feeling of guilt I had with regard to Dom’s terrible experience with the KitKat Chunky Peanut  Butter that I felt compelled to purchase a Chunky KitKat (That and the fact that Woolworths were selling them for 25p – so i bought two)

KitKat editions – tiramisu is one of the editions launched in 2004. Described as smooth milk chocolate and crisp praline wafer, filled with a generous layer Tiramisu flavoured filling it sounds quite promising doesn’t it? Apart from the wording ‘Tiramisu flavoured’ that is.

I realised almost at once that the main problem is the fact that the filling is tiramisu flavoured, and this was before I read the description. I was hungry and in the mood for chocolate and so wiping all images of tiramisu from my mind, you know what? I actually quite enjoyed this bar.

It was a hot day and so the bar was slighty melty. I do believe this is the best way to enjoy it. The proportions of chocolate, praline crisp and tiramisu flavour are just about right. Any more flavouring and it would be too sickly. The best bit was the way the tiramisu kind of sneaked out and dripped onto the tongue. Not quite the same as the way a chocolate liqueur plays with the taste buds, but maybe little league version…

The bar itself is, as its design dictates, chunky.  Just one reason why this should be enjoyed in the melty side of temperatures. I really wouldn’t want to eat this if it was chilled. Tiramisu is indulgance, luxury, fine, worthy and well, flipping gorgeous, so you wouldn’t want to bite into a few centimeters of brick-like chocolate and end up visiting the dentist and paying for a crown instead of experiencing that Tiramisu feeling now would you? Just remember though, you don’t get the real Tiramisu feeling, just a 50p version of it.

The wrapper is rather misleading. A lovely picture of Tiramisu leads you believe that that is what you going to get, but you have to remember, as Dom said, KitKats are rather bland no matter what they add to them, but if you ignor the wrapper and disregard any tiramisu expectations then this chocolate bar is good. It is what it says in the small print – flavoured. Accept that and you will enjoy.

Another plus point with this chunky bar is my 10 year took one look and said “yuk”. Saves me hiding them in the secret cupboard.


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  1. Molly

    I Have to say, the Tiramisu Kitkat Is Completley and Utterly Revolting. I mean who the hell came up with an idea of compressing artificial tiramisu into a bar of chocolate???!! same going for the penut butter kitkat, all they really achived is a slightly penutty, offputtingly salty chocolate coated monstrosity!!!!!!!!
    I Don’t like kitkats much 🙂

  2. jack

    this is very wrong who came up with this?

  3. Aziza78

    Woww!! I must say that it is quite amazing, first of all, the idea of having tiramisu flavoured wafer is quite enthralling and obviously, the taste is just amazing. I’m a big fan of kitkat and how they are always inclined towards experimenting with flavours and coming out with just the best. Just like your mom, I’m also a big fan of kitkat and keep on engorging it. Thank God for their online stores for making varieties of chocs available.
    I always bulk order online from their website and obviously, my favourite is kitkat chunky :-p

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