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Mint MunchiesFollowing the Chocstress’s (repeatedly) disappointing experience with Munchies, I thought I’d spare her the Mint Munchies review and do it myself.

However, being somewhat more restrained, I managed to limit myself to a single packet rather than her… er… 7 packs.

Prior to 1995, Mint Munchies were known as Mintola (apparently – I’ve never had them). They look just like regular Munchies, but consist of dark chocolate with a mint fondant centre – and no crunchie bit.

Judging by Chocstress’s review, I suspect these are a little better than regular Munchies but I’m still not overly fond of them.

Mint MunchiesThere are two main problems with Mint Munchies. Firstly, the fondant is so overpoweringly minty that I couldn’t taste the chocolate at all. Really. I didn’t even notice it was dark chocolate until I read the packet half way through eating them. It may be fantastic chocolate, but I simply couldn’t taste it.

The second problem is the fondant is just too thin. It’s almost (but not quite) liquid. Because of this, it’s gone almost as soon as you put it into your mouth. There’s no real satisfaction to eating them.

While Mint Munchies aren’t completely offensive, there’s nothing really to recommend them either.

And I won’t be buying another six packs just to check. 🙂


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  1. No crunchie? It can’t be munchie!

  2. Chocstress (Chocablog Staff)

    I’m with cybele on this – what do you mean there is no crunchie in the munchie?? Just wrong I tell ya..

    now then, who mentioned a six pack? 😉

  3. Neil Shaw

    Hmmm… Mint Munches appear to have become After Eight :- When did that happen???

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