Green & Black’s Maya Gold

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Green & Black’s Maya Gold

This was an impulse buy. Something random picked up from the shelf of my local sweet shop. Aside from being Green & Black’s, I didn’t even know what it was until I got home.

So this “Dark chocolate with orange and spices” came as something of a pleasant surprise when I got home.

According to the label, Maya Gold was the first ever product to be awarded the Fairtrade Mark back in 1994, and it’s made from organically chocolate grown organically by Mayan farmers in Belize.

Now I’m a bit wary about “mass produced” organic and Fair Trade chocolates. Too often I’ve found this gets used as a marketing gimmick to sell some rather average quality chocolate. But this stuff is nice.

Green & Black’s Maya Gold

It’s 55% cocoa solids, but it doesn’t taste that strong, and it’s not at all bitter. I think this is partly down to the sweetness of the orange and the spices. The orange complements the chocolate flavour perfectly without overwhelming it, and the spices are very subtle.

The result is a very moreish bar of chocolate that was gone all to quickly.

Now I’ve no doubt serious chocolate connoisseurs will prefer the Conscious Chocolate Essential Orange that Simon reviewed last week. But for us old-fashioned chocoholics that like to buy our chocolate in Tesco, this is definitely worth a try.


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  1. Hi,
    Do you know if this comes in mint flavour too?
    Cass x

  2. Dom,
    Could you possibly be a star and advise me on particular brands of chocolate that are vegan?
    My sister is allergic to nuts and fruit as well so that’s a no go area. Thanks and luv,
    Cass x

  3. Hey man,
    just wanna ask if you’d gimme some o’ that black gold?
    I’m practically starvin’ at the mo and you’d be doing me a great favour if you shared some of yer stash.
    I’d be doing YOU a favour by taking some of the load of yer belly.

  4. I’ll give yer my address, yeah?

  5. I’m having a chocolate orgasim here.
    great website.
    keep on tasting you greedy bugger.

  6. sölen

    Organic certificate is no way a gimmick,has serious conditions and controls from worldwide assigned control groups,but thank you for the comment ı hd heard and not found this chocolate in my country…

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