Belflair Orangettes

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Belflair are a Northamptonshire based chocolatier that, according to their website, have been going since 2001, although personally I hadn’t heard of them until they sent these review samples along.

These orangettes are described as “reel orange peel dipped in dark chocolate”. The chocolate in question is a 56% dark chocolate of unspecified origin.

Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy them at all. The chocolate is quite bland and doesn’t have much flavour of its own. And while the orange inside has an initially pleasant flavour, there’s an artificial edge that quickly makes itself known.

Looking at the ingredients, the orange peel contains glucose, citric acid and preservative (E220 – sulphur dioxide). I’m guessing it’s the latter that doesn’t agree with me. Preservative may be essential, but according to the Best Before date, these have a shelf life of a year, and that doesn’t strike me as particularly natural for chocolate covered fruit.

I like crystallised fruit and I was really looking forward to these. However, they just didn’t taste like the natural, artisan chocolate product they’re positioning themselves as. I’m used to artisan chocolate having a shelf life of no more than two weeks, rather than a year.

Perhaps I had a bad batch, but I can only really base a review on the samples I have, and unfortunately I didn’t enjoy these.


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  1. lt’s sad that even artisan chocolates don’t avoid that artificial junk these days.For one of the Slovenian artisan chocolates l went to the shop to ask if there was truly a real vanilla inside as stated on a label and they said yes.But l still think it was an artificial vanillin.The taste was a bit of an artificial sweetener,so different from the real vanilla.As a chocoholic l guess l may know the difference.l guess.

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