Tesco Belgian White Chocolate Strawberries

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I’ve mentioned before (at least twice) that I love freeze dried strawberries, so these were a must have buy for me. There’s something about that weird cardboardy texture that I just can’t get enough of.

And these certainly look tempting. Large, whole straweberries, covered in a creamy looking white chocolate.

Strangely, they have a slightly sticky / tacky feel to them. That could just be my bag, but I suspect it’s down to the shellac listed as a glazing agent on the ingredients. Call me old fashioned, but I’d rather my chocs weren’t coated in insect secretions, and I’m not convinced it was necessary to use it here. The cynic in me thinks it’s probably just there to help extend the shelf life of the product .

The white chocolate itself is also just a little too sweet for my liking. It’s not the worst I’ve tasted, but it doesn’t need to be this sweet. The (deliciously cardboardy) freeze dried strawberries are already very sweet, and the coating takes them to a level approaching sickliness.

I’d love to see a version of these with a high quality milk or dark chocolate, and without the glazing agent. Unfortunately, as tempting as they look, I don’t think I’ll be buying them again.


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  1. Heidi

    That is too bad, they looked so good when I saw the picture. I can totally relate to the sweetness factor though.

  2. they look extremely delicious!

  3. Broadswordcallin

    Insect secretions-maybe Tesco should be forced to put that on their packaging….

  4. Simon (Chocablog Staff)

    Why wait? A little liquid nitrogen, a bar of Lindt 85% – should be peasy.

  5. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I think you’d be more likely to have access to liquid nitrogen – and lindt – than me. Go for it. 🙂

  6. Shellac? Isn’t that what they used to make the first records from??? At least in Germany the material for them used to be called Schellack and I’m strongly assuming it’s the same stuff. Eeek!

  7. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Sylke: Yes, it’s the same stuff. It’s commonly used as a food additive, but I guess most people don’t know what it is.


  8. Food Techie

    Shellac is commonly used in the food industry to add gloss/sheen on chocolate and confectionary products (they do look shiny)and to stop sticky items from sticking together (reference: Essential Guide to Food Additives, V Emmerton, Leaterhead Food International, 2003).

  9. sandip

    can any one plz tell me where can i get this product and the official website producing this product.

  10. sandip

    bt i need an id and a password to see it.. and i am frm india.. how do i go abt it..

  11. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Well unfortunately, the chances of being able to get them in India are probably zero. Tesco is a British supermarket and these are their own brand.

  12. sandip

    well, i just wana check them out.. i can have it orderd it frm my friends in nottingham.. bt i need a way, or a link to find tht product on the website.. the tesco belgian white chocolate strwberry…

    btw, for how many days does it remain fresh..? and whts the price..? and in wht packaing its available..?

  13. Flouros

    Sandip, I really would just recommend that your friends in nottingham sign up for Tesco.com on your behalf, and send you a link/and or product info via e-mail; if you cannot sign in yourself. Sorted…

  14. Guamer

    They sell a much better (premium) version of this in Japan. They are sold boxed and are delicious. I stumbled on this page in my occasional (and always fruitless) internet hunt for them. Please post a link to this page if you know where to get them.

    • Just received a box direct from Japan from a recent visit from a friend. Absolutely delicious. Looking to purchase the same somewhere in Chicago area. Ant ideas?

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