Whitakers Mint Wafers

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Whitakers Mint Wafers

According to their web site, Whitakers have been around since 1889, so they’ve had plenty of time to get things right.

Mint Wafers are traditional after dinner mint chocolates, in the same style as After Eight. In fact, when you open the box, you’re immediately hit by exactly the same strong, peppermint aroma.

But unlike After Eight which have a creme filling, these wafers are solid, dark chocolate (55%). The peppermint oil is part of the chocolate itself.

Aside from the aroma, the first thing you notice about these is how uniform they are. Each chocolate is a precisely cut 58 x 30 x 3mm wafer (yes, I measured it myself) with a slightly rough surface on top and a smooth underside.

Whitakers Mint Wafers

That rough surface is down to a generous sprinkling of granulated sugar within the chocolate. That might seem odd, but it adds a rather nice texture to these otherwise quite ordinary chocolates. Bite into one and you get satisfying crunch, but the sugar dissolves so you don’t end up with crunchy bits stuck in your teeth.

These work perfectly as an after dinner mint, but I did find is that the peppermint is a little strong for my liking. You can’t really get a good idea of how good the chocolate is, and I did start to get an odd, minty headache when I tried to eat five at once. But then I don’t think that’s what they’re designed for.


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  1. after eights without the creme filling… 0.o

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