Chocolate Craft Port & Cranberry Truffles

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It’s always nice to meet new people in the chocolate industry, and the other week I met Debbie from Chocolate Craft at the Taste of Christmas show. I’d never heard of Chocolate Craft before, but Debbie had heard of Chocablog and had been following my ramblings on Twitter for some time, which is kind of awesome.

I wanted to buy something festive, but not overly Christmassy, so I skipped the Christmas Pudding truffles and went for these instead.

£5.50 gets you 70g of truffles made with fresh Hampshire cream, real port and cranberries. That’s not cheap, but at least you’re getting some real ingredients in there. The milk chocolate is 33.6% cocoa solids and of unspecified origin. It tastes alright though – it’s not too sweet and works well with the flavour of the filling.

The appearance of the chocolates isn’t spectacular though. Rather than attempting a polished, glossy finish, the truffles are simply rolled in more milk chocolate flakes, making them look a little flat (and leaving a small pile of flakes in the bottom of the bag).

The fillings are a white chocolate ganache, flavoured with the port and small cranberry pieces. They are perhaps a little sweet for my tastes (which means most people will probably love them). My main gripe here is that the port flavour doesn’t really come through. The tart cranberries help to cut through the sweetness, but I was hoping for a little more of a kick.

But my biggest issue with these is that I can’t stop eating them. And when you only get six chocolates for £5.50, that can be a bit of a problem. Overall, I really like them, but that price is just a bit too high for me to give a full recommendation.


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  1. These look so very tasty! Yum.

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