Paul Wayne Gregory Selection

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Paul Wayne Gregory Selection

This was the little box I was presented with after having challenged Paul Wayne Gregory to pick his favourites from the selection on offer at The London Chocolate Festival. He also gave me a lollipop, but that’s a different story.

As far as I remember, his choices were (from left to right) hint of liquorice, caramel and passion fruit – but I don’t have a menu to hand and I do have a terrible memory!

The chocolates all look beautiful. All dark with a glossy finish, and each with a single strip of a slightly different colour and orientation, indicating the flavour.

Paul Wayne Gregory Selection

Hint of Liquorice

Biting into this, and I’m suddenly not so sure it’s the liquorice one. The smooth and soft centre initially tastes more like rum, with a slightly alcoholic flavour, but as that fades, a sweeter, slightly peppery flavour comes in. In summary, I’m still not sure exactly what’s in this one, but it’s very nice!


This was a surprise. A caramel that doesn’t come with added sea salt! A rare find in this day an age, but a welcome one. The consistency and texture of the caramel here is much more like you’d find in something like Cadbury’s Caramel than one of Paul A. Young’s salted caramels.

It’s smooth and glossy on the tongue, but of course tastes vastly superior to anything mass produced. The flavour is buttery and not too sweet, and you really do get to taste the wonderful smoky caramel flavours. The sweetness complements the rich dark chocolate perfectly.

I love salted caramels, but this is something different. It’s just as sophisticated, yet manages to bring back the memories of all the caramels I ate as a child too.

Passion Fruit

Dark chocolate with a sweet and light passionfruit filling. The combination of flavours works exceptionally well, with first the sweet fruitiness appearing, followed quickly by the tangy citrus flavours and finally the rich, slightly bitter cocoa flavours. A refreshing and uplifting little chocolate that leaves me wanting to go back and buy more. I think this is my favourite of the bunch.

Overall, a great selection of beautiful and delicious chocolates. They set me back £1 each, so they’re not at all cheap. But then I did get a free lollipop too.


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  1. Amy

    I’ve noticed more use of passion fruit lately and I have to say I LOVE it! It adds such a fruity punch without ruining the flavor of the chocolate.

  2. Pan

    Yep. I usually whisk the heavy cream up in a cold bowl by hand until it thcnkeis and stiff peaks almost form, then I add in a little bit of sugar (1-2tbsp? I just kind of eyeball it) and sometimes a few drops of vanilla and beat until peaks form. I think I’m going to bring down my little hand mixer this year, though.

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