Rococo Moroccan Mint

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Here’s a little something I liberated from the Rococo stand at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair. It’s a 65% organic dark chocolate bar with organic mint, and comes in a brightly coloured wrapper, the design of which is inspired by Moorish tiles.

The chocolate is from the “Grococo” cocoa farm which Rococo jointly owns with the Grenada Chocolate Company, and has a beautiful, glossy, reddish finish to it.

What makes this bar a little different from other mint chocolates is that it has tiny pieces of mint leaves embedded in the chocolate, in addition to peppermint oil. The result is a very natural, fresh mint flavour that’s never overpowering and works really well with the dark chocolate.

Mint flavoured chocolate often conjours up images of cheap after dinner mints with all kinds of unnatural flavours, but this tastes much more… real.

One thing that isn’t so great is the texture. Those tiny pieces of mint may give a great flavour, but when the chocolate has melted away, you’re left with a small pile of ‘bits’ in your mouth that isn’t the nicest sensation ever. They do slowly release more mintyness as the chocolate melts, I really can’t decide whether that fresh flavour is worth the price of the unusual texture.

Having said that, I’d still recommend lovers of mint chocolate give it a go. It’s one of those bars that’s difficult to put down once you start eating, and if you can live with the ‘bits’, you’ll love it.


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