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Late last year, Mars announced somewhat triumphantly that they would be discontinuing their king sized ‘Big One’ Mars and Snickers bars due to public concerns about obesity. But what they did next was a master stroke – they simply chopped the bars in two and called them ‘Duo’ instead. Inspired.

The idea, so they say, is that you’re meant to “share” the two halves. So you won’t get fat.

Yeah, right. Like I’m going to share my Snickers!

Snickers is one of those chocolate bars that you just buy when you’re hungry and want something to satisfy the chocolate cravings and fill you up. You don’t necessarily think about it, you just know you’re going to be left satisfied.

I never really had an issue with the ‘Big One’ bars – if people are stupid enough to think they can eat nothing but chocolate all day and not get fat, well it’s their own fault. But I actually prefer the Duo format. It allows you to eat half, put the kettle on, then settle down with a nice cup of tea and have the other half without leaving messy half eaten chocolate bars lying around.

Snickers itself is simply wonderful. The peanuts and thick nougat make it one of the chewiest bars you can get, and I’m sure that the extra effort you have to put into eating it just adds to the experience. Although best if slightly chilled, this isn’t one of those bars you want to leave in the fridge all day like Bounty, or it will become too difficult to chew and you’ll end up just getting frustrated and throwing it at the wall.

Properly cooled to just below room temperature, the caramel is yummy, if slightly sticky and the choclate is thick and breaks into nice chunks when you bite into it. The very slightly salty peanuts just bring the whole thing together into one delicious bar. Or two bars, in this case.

Chewy, tasty, unpretentious and filling. I love it.


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  1. 1) this blog is Excellent.

    2)I am full of envy, as American chocolate is totally different than UK chocolate. Not worse, just different. And we can almost never get your chocolate.

    3) Did you know that Snickers is really food, not candy? The great state of New Jersey taxes candy, but not Snickers bars, because they contain flour which makes them food. That’s got to be why you feel full after you eat one.


  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Thanks for the compliment. 🙂

    We have similar strange laws in the UK – biscuits (cookies) are subject to VAT (sales tax), but cakes aren’t – McVities went to court to prove that “Jaffa Cakes” were cakes, not biscuits – which they won.

    (Hmm.. gonna have to review Jaffa Cakes next!)

  3. Snickers. Yum! When you’re hungry, it’s where it’s at! Let’s deep fry it 🙂

  4. Chocoholic123

    is snickers just a mars bar with peanuts?

  5. Chocoholic123

    pr a topic with peanuts maybe?

  6. chocodude

    hello fellow chocobloggers! i only get one choc bar a week and want to try a snickers but as i only get one bar i was wonderin if anyone could compare it to any other bar? thanks

  7. Lucas

    Chocoholic123 the snickers nougat is actually quite sugary and more like nougat than the mars

    chocodude: definitely get a snickers. you will not be disappointed!

  8. Hannah

    aww im craving a snickers right NOWWWW!!! theyre so scrumptious and tasty and a little taste of heaven

  9. Saffie x

    Snickers are gorgeous! Sweet and because of the nuts, savoury at the same time.Quite a manly bar * sorry to sound sexist* but I love them, they’re gorgeous.

  10. Fathima Hamid

    The snickers Peanut Butter bunny was yummy! I’m actually surprised no one’s reviewed it yet anywhere as it is quite a treat. Everything one would love in a Snickers..and then some!
    The PB layer is delicious, the caramel layer complimenting it all well, and the chocolate coating nice and thick and chocolaty.

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