Whittards Hot Chocolate with Ginger

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Whittards Hot Chocolate with Ginger

I bought this around Christmas time (when I was on my hot chocolate fact finding mission on behalf of Chocablog) with the intention of brewing up a cup or two and giving you an in depth review. At £4.50 a tub, I had high hopes for it, especially as I like ginger too.


…I looked at the ingredients before opening it up.

Over 59% of this expensive, ‘premium’ branded drinking chocolate is sugar. Yes, that’s right. I have paid over £2.00 for 200g of sugar.

I felt like I’d been mugged. If I could return it I would.

So beware, good reader. Not all hot chocolate is actually chocolate, and charging us a fortune for a fancy container with a load of sugar in it is an affront and an offence. Avoid this sugary rubbish.

End of rant.


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  1. BMNS

    So… how did it actually taste?

  2. angela

    Yes, how did it actuallly taste?

  3. Marina Santorelli

    Maybe to avoid any further disappointment, you should try French products. They are just awesome. My favourite is the Bonnat (a century old company in Grenoble called Bonnat) 100% pure cocoa curl tin. Besides, you can try powder from Jean-Paul Hévin or from Pierre Hermé. There also a great one (organic + fair trade) from le comptoir des iles. It depends if you want something sweet (apparently not) or something really genuine/raw. In that cas Bonnat would suit you, even more than the Macho tin from Hotel Chocolat (I bought one and it doesnt taste much. If you happen to be in Paris, go to Angelina, Jacques Genin or Mauboussin they make this kind of old style rich, silky and sweet hot chocolate. Here in Italy, Domori also makes great chocolates, but, so far, no hot one. I’m sure you can also find (in France even at supermarkets’) Van Houten pure cocoa powder.
    If you have time, buy this pastry chocolate bar from Valrhona (they ven have one blended with orange), but it’s a ten minute preparation in this wonderful appliance made by Tefal called the sauce maker, but that makes outstanding hot chocolates.

  4. Peecee

    Simon hasn’t told us how it tastes – so let me do that now!

    The ginger, AND the Chilli hot chocolate, AND the Mint chocolate!!, tastes like VERY sweet hot chocolate. There’s a tiny hint of the flavouring, making you think that if you keep sipping, it will develop into something with a bit more bite – but it doesn’t.

    I’ll stick to Whittard’s coffee in future.

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