Gorvett & Stone Truffles

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Gorvett & Stone Truffles

Here we have two varieties of truffles from Gorvett & Stone – purveyors of magnificent exploding frogs.

In the square corner, we have their milk truffles with sea salt, and in the round corner, the dark chocolate house truffles.

I want to start with the house truffles, because these are quite unusual – purely because they are incredibly dark. Unless you give them time to melt slowly in your mouth, there’s hardly any sweetness to them at all. Just lots of rich, dark cocoa notes.

For me, they were a little too dark, and I had to work a bit too hard to pick up on the sweetness I really wanted. True converts to the Dark Side will no doubt go nuts for them, but I’m not entirely convinced the average person stumbling across a chocolate shop in Henley-on-Thames would feel the same.

The milk truffles, however, are something entirely different.

Gorvett & Stone Truffles

They’re dusted in the same dark cocoa powder as the house truffles, but that quickly gives way to something much sweeter and more exciting. Delicious chocolate and a smooth, soft, toffee-caramel like filling that’s simply divine.

The closest I can get to describe the flavour is “Gourmet Rolos”. So if you were the kind of child who scoffed a whole packet of Rolos without sharing the last one, I guarantee adult-you will do exactly the same thing with these.

Highly recommended – even worth a trip to Henley for.


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  1. Laura

    Those truffles sound gorgeous! I’m a huge fan of chocolate and salt combinations.

    I do envy the Chocablog team… I want some delicious freebies to review, too. 😛

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    There’s always a price to be paid, Laura.. 🙂

    Salted caramels do appear to be the flavour of the moment though.

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