Hotel Chocolat ‘A Nest Of Egglets’

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Hotel Chocolat 'A Nest Of Egglets'

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that Easter is soon upon us, and as you’re reading this I’m guessing you’re keen to know what sort of thing the good people at Hotel Chocolat have on offer in 2014.

First up from my small selection of goodies is this 50% cacao milk chocolate nest with three of Hotel Chocolat’s distinctive egglets sat in the middle. Thankfully they aren’t glued in there – I had visions of wearing rather than tasting the caramel egglet!

Hotel Chocolat 'A Nest Of Egglets'

Each of these egglets is made from 36% cacao white chocolate, and each has a different centre. There’s Caramel (yellow), Praline (blue) and Raspberry Ganache (pink), quite grown up flavours for something that has such a lighthearted look about it. The caramel is soft, unctuous and rich and the praline is a delight, and while the sweet tartness of the raspberry ganache was my least favourite, that really was a matter of personal taste.

The nest is another matter entirely. I have handled novelty ashtrays that are less solid than this little beast. It’s impossible to get into it without the aid of implements, such is it’s thickness. I ended up having at it with a very sharp knife, and it was well worth the effort.

Hotel Chocolat 'A Nest Of Egglets'

It was a Hotel Chocolat 50% cacao milk chocolate that really changed my mind about high cacao milk chocolate, and even an ardent dark chocolate fan like myself had very little problem tucking into a second chunk.

Hotel Chocolat 'A Nest Of Egglets'

I found myself liking the way this was put together as well. The packaging and content work well together and I almost found it nostalgic. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a well presented, well made Easter novelty from an accessible, quality chocolatier, and one I would recommend (but be aware that sharing it might be difficult – best buy one each).


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