Gü Mini Puds

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Gü Mini Puds

Another offering from those people whü like to mis-spell words in order to get more umlauts on their packaging – yes, it’s time again.

This time I bought a box of three versatile little chocolate tortes. ‘Eat hot or cold’ says the box. I was told that chilled they’re smooth, melt-in-the-mouth and deeply satisfying (only with far more e’s than I’m prepared to type). Warm one up and it’s merely mouthwateringly rich and moreish. Naturally, as I had three, I was free to try one each way and have the third in my preferred style. Result!

Slide one out of the box and tyou have a rather unassuming little pud.

Gü Mini Puds

My eye was drawn to the dimpled top – ideal for a blob of cream or ice cream, or maybe for filling with your favourite liqueur?

As I said, they’re not the biggest puds in the world – take a look.

Gü Mini Puds

But what they are is dense. Very dense. Cutting into one revealed a dark, sticky interior. They’re made with a quarter chocolate, and that chocolate is 53% cocoa, so they’re not slacking on the chocolate content. When I bit into it I immediately thought better of chewing. It’s very rich, very gooey, and very chocolatey, with an underlying sweetness. Bear in mind that half of this little pud is made up of sugar and chocolate.

Gü Mini Puds

Heated up as directed and it’s a different story. They’re designed to be microwaved so that the outside keeps its shape while the inside melts, and that’s exactly what happens. Topped with a big blob of vanilla ice cream, they’re a deceptively filling dessert. Heating releases the aroma as well, delivering a much more satisfying experience in sensory terms. A dash of coffee liqueur (I used Patron XO Café, but other coffee drinks are available) and a blob of cream transformed it into a little gourmet treat.

I can imagine a number of variations one could put together using these little chocolate tortes, and they have enough in the way of rich chocolate flavours to accommodate the odd experimental addition. I’m getting to quite like some of Gü’s desserts, and this shows that they can do more than produce a decent chocolate mousse.


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Wow, they really are tiny.

  2. Michael

    Suggested portion size – five puds…

  3. Jean

    Yum! Those look delicious!

  4. Improfane

    They are a huge rip off. Honestly not worth it.

  5. I’m arriving in London on Tuesday (first visit ever!) and I’m thinking this may be just the thing to alleviate the trials of jetlag 😛 (At least until I can get some Rococo chocolate!)

  6. Christine

    The texture looks so rich I can almost taste it. They look delicious!

  7. Lily

    I’ve had these, they’re so yummy.. I want some now 🙁

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