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When I heard my friend Rebecca had started making brownies, I knew I had to try them. Obviously, being a worldwide expert in the subject, it was only right that I beg her to send me some “review samples”. Amazingly, she agreed and a box of ‘BiteMe Brownies‘ duly arrived at my door.

The packaging is simple and elegant. A plain box tied with a ribbon, simply wrapped in brown paper for posting. There isn’t really any need for anything more, as the brownies perfectly fill the box and aren’t going to get battered around in transit. Mine arrived in perfect condition.

As you can see, I have two flavours here; a Belgian milk chocolate brownie and a dark chocolate one. BiteMe also other flavours including orange and coffee caramel which sound rather good. I specifically asked to try unflavoured ones (I’m hoping I’ll be able to persuade Rebecca to send the flavoured ones to try later).

The first thing I noticed was that rather than being thick, the brownies are actually quite slim, but come in two layers. This was actually quite welcome, as I’ve had far too many oversized brownies in the past. These ones are just right for enjoying with a cup of tea. They’re satisfying, but they’re not so big as to make you ill. Unless you’re me and you eat four at once.

The flavour and texture is quite light as well. They do have a soft and moist centre, but it’s nothing like Paul A Young’s killer brownies of death. It actually turns out to be quite a pleasant change to have a brownie that isn’t so rich that I’m bouncing off the walls after eating it.

That said, I do think these could do with just a little more chocolate. I particularly liked the dark chocolate version, but the milk chocolate one was a little sweet for my tastes – which on past experience usually means that the average chocolate lover will go mad for them.

You can buy BiteMe Brownies online (link below) in a range of different flavours. I have my eye on ‘The Ninja One’ myself…


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