William Curley Millionaire’s Shortbread

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This is another offering from William Curley’s “nostalgia range”. I thought it would be interesting to try, because unlike the Marathon & Bounty Bars, it has absolutely no nostalgia value for me whatsoever.

I even had to Google what Millionaire’s Shortbread was, such was my ignorance. According to Wikipedia, it’s a simple shortbread topped with layers of caramel and chocolate, and it’s Scottish in origin – something that would explain why it has nostalgia value for William.

I picked this bar up from the Southbank Chocolate Festival at the same time as the Marathon & Bounty bars, and as you can see, it’s not in perfect condition. That’s entirely down to me though, and I’m quite sure it left William’s kitchen looking pristine.

The chocolate is a 65% cocoa solids dark chocolate from Amedei, decorated with a small flake of gold leaf (but probably not enough to make you a millionaire). It’s a fairly thin, but imparts a good amount of flavour into the bar.

The layer of sea salted caramel is delicious and has a perfect texture for a bar like this. It’s chewy without being too hard or too soft. But as you can see, the bulk of this bar is shortbread. And shortbread isn’t really my thing.

Personally I found it a bit too dry for my tastes. That was in part counteracted by the caramel and chocolate, but I’d have liked to have seen a bit more caramel and a bit less biscuit. But overal, it still tastes wonderful, and I think if millionaire’s shortbread has nostalgia value for you, you’ll love it.

For me though, it’s just a tasty snack which makes it a little on the expensive side at £3.50 a pop. But I’d happily pay that again for the Bounty.


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  1. NeilT

    Send me one and I’ll do positive review as a shortbread lover 😉

  2. Michael (Chocablog Staff)

    In my mother’s version of this (which I’m thinking didn’t use ingredients of the same quality, but that’s another story altogether…), she did indeed have a thinner layer of shortbread to help balance things out. Maybe I should put her in touch with Mr. Curley just in case he’s got some more Scottish delicacies on his list of upcoming treats…

  3. I would like to try this. I’m big fan of Twix and I suspect this bar is much yummier. Maybe Foodzie will put one in our tasting box this month. 🙂

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