Galaxy Caramel

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48 grams of heaven. That’s what this is.

Which is just as well, as the guy in the shop is obviously becoming concerned by the volume and diversity of chocolate I’ve been consuming lately. Luckily, he hasn’t called Chocaholics Anonymous yet, so I think I’m OK for a while…

…anyway – back to the matter in hand…

Upon unwrapping my Galaxy Caramel, I was immediately struck by how similar it looked to the Kinder Bueno I reviewed yesterday. Two long, thin bars divided into bite-size chunks. Unlike the Bueno, this is a substantial bar, but it’s just as yummy!

I don’t usually buy Galaxy, as I find the chocolate a little too creamy compared to Cadbury’s, so I wasn’t expecting to like this. But the caramel really makes a difference. It definitely has more flavour to it than Cadbury’s Dairy Milk with Caramel, and I think it’s a less sticky too. So no long, sticky strings of caramelly goo to wipe from my keyboard this time! Yay!

(Er… maybe that’s just me?)

Being an adventurous type, I tried two different ways of eating this (that’s why they give you two bars, right?) First I let the chunks just melt on my tongue… which was very nice, but then I discovered I could bite the ends of the chunks and suck the caramel from the centre!

I’m not entirely sure why I found this so exciting. I think it’s probably down to living alone and not having anyone to slap me round the back of the head and tell me to stop being such a slob… or maybe… just maybe… I have been eating too much chocolate lately…

Is that possible?


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  1. i absolutly luv galaxy caramels id buyu the factory if i could

  2. i absolutly luv galaxy caramels id buy the factory if i could

  3. Sachin

    I love this chocolate too! Ive been buying mine at! They ship right away, and Ive been buying other cadburys and british chocolate from there too.


    LOVE THEM . .



  6. deb

    mmmmmmmmm they r emence mmmmmmm!!!!:-D

  7. Kevin Turner

    Very unhappy with my galaxy caramel. When i purchased my choclate, it only one row of choclate when there should be two. I really like the chocolate but this is the second time this has happened and i am not pleased. Could you please get back to me as I would like to discuss this matter further.

  8. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Dear Mr Turner,

    Please buy a bigger bar and let us know if the problem continues.

  9. billy

    i luuuuuuuuuuuv caramel please send me a box get back and al tell you my adress THERE THE BEST THATS ALL I BUY COME OAN THE CARAMEL MAKERS U GUYS ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i love caramel chocalteeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. galaxy caramel lover :D

    omg i lv galaxy caramel!!!! aaahhh i eat it the same way woo!! xxx

  12. turkish

    galaxy caramel is amazing. aint nothing likt it!!! i wanna buy boxes of the stuff if i knew where to go

  13. Becky

    i have only tasted the galaxy 1s ant i loved it!!!!!!!! ___X___

  14. kayleigh smith

    omg galaxy caramels r the best chocs ever. theyre all i eat-saddo

  15. kayleigh smith

    not very many place have them. why? im loving the eggs aswell but theyre both very hard to buy. what are the main shops?

  16. fred

    does anybody know if galaxy caramel can be bought in a bigger bar than the little two finger bar lease? thanks xxx

  17. i jus luv this chocolate i always eat it
    loveeeeeeeeeeeee ittttttttttt



  19. Nikhat Shaikh

    I love Caramel chocolates, & Galaxy Caramel is Yummmmmmmmmiiiiiieeee!

  20. ryan day

    i dream about this,
    my minds taken over by it

  21. Antony

    One of the nicest bars in the world! mine and my girl friends fav!

  22. Amy

    hmmmmmmmmm i love galaxy chocolates my favoritte iiiiissss galaxy caramel

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