Sainsbury’s Velvety Truffle

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Sainsbury's Velvety Truffle

Like all supermarket chains, Sainsburys has a variety of own branded bars and boxes to tempt the average chocolate consumer away from their ‘usual’ choc of choice (presumably Cadbury or Nestlé) and at 75p a bar (if you buy two) it’s certainly pitched right at the pocket money/cheaper chocolate buyers.

It’s primarily milk chocolate (albeit a measly 30% cocoa) with a dark chocolate based ‘truffle’ centre (at a more healthy 70% cocoa) and I have to say it delivered exactly what I expected. It’s greasy, overly sweet, cloying and lacking in any real cocoa flavour. I had been trying some slightly more upmarket chocolate before I ate a piece of this, and both myself and my co-taster made almost identical faces as we bit down on this. Suffice to say tissues and a bin were called for, as it was quite frankly inedible. I’m not even sure that a Cadbury fan would like this as it seems to have no real redeeming qualities, either in terms of taste or texture. It’s oily, sticky, sugary and short on flavour.

The slogan on the front of the packaging says “because you deserve it.” Actually Sainsbury’s, I think we deserve better than this.



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  1. Roleen

    Hey to all,

    The Sainsbury’s Velvety Truffle is my most favourite chocolate of all (you wouldn’t believe where I’m fom originally!).
    My local store is the one in East Grinstead. I regularly buy 6 to 10 bars of the S’s Velvety Truffle and easily eat 1 bar/day.

    Some others of Sainsbury’s own makes have become my favourites too (Sainsbury’s French mayonnaise, the rainbow trouts on the fresh shelf, the seafood pack… Among others…) but the Velvety Tryffle chocolate is definitely my No 1 of all.

    Me, a chocoholic? No! A S’s Velvety Truffle chocoholic? Maybe…

    Keep Smiling !!


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