Thorntons Ginger Bar

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Thorntons Ginger Bar

It’s been a while since I reviewed anything from Thorntons, but having just discovered this buried in the depths of my chocolate stash, I thought I should review it before the ‘best before’ date (or some visitor scoffs it without permission).

I’m a big fan of ginger and chocolate, which is probably why this bar threw itself at me in the shop. I’m not sure what it is about ginger – I always hated it as a child, but these days I can’t get enough. Particularly when it’s combined with a good quality dark chocolate.

Thorntons Ginger Bar

The dark chocolate here is a 60% cocoa solids – par for the course for this kind of bar. It’s quite pleasant, not too sweet and not bitter at all, but it’s not very thick.

Most of the bar is taken up by the ginger truffle filling, which is soft, smooth and sweet. There is a good ginger flavour, but there are no actual pieces of ginger visible, and I thought it could have done with being just a little bit stronger.

Thorntons Ginger Bar

As a quick snack, I certainly enjoyed this little bar, but I really felt it could be improved no end if the chocolate were that little bit thicker and if it had some nice chunks of crystalised ginger buried inside that sweet truffle.

Perhaps I’ve just been spoiled by delicious chunky ginger chocolates in the past.


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  1. You are dead right – Chocolate and Ginger really do make an excellent combination.

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