Sainsbury’s Dark Chocolate & Honeycomb Slab

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Sainsbury’s Dark Chocolate & Honeycomb Slab

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It’s also true that there’s money to be made by nicking a good idea.

This Sainsbury’s ‘Taste the Difference’ slab is one of a number on offer, and as you can see, it bears a remarkable resemblance to Hotel Chocolat’s slabs.

Unfortunately, the resemblance is purely physical. Sainsbury’s appear to have used some fairly poor ingredients to make up this slab. The dark chocolate isn’t very tasty at all, the milk chocolate is overly sweet, and the mouth feel is cloying, sugary and a little unpleasant. It soon became apparent that it was indeed all too easy to ‘taste the difference’ and that the difference was obviously in the quality of the two types of chocolate used.

In the past I’ve been pleasantly surprised by ‘own brand’ bars of chocolate from the major supermarkets, and I have to admit to being a little surprised by how unremarkable this was. I always considered the ‘Taste The Difference’ range to be some sort of flagship brand for Sainsbury’s, but this certainly lets the side down. In future I think I’ll stick to their bars, and avoid anything else that looks as though it’s a copy of someone else’s idea.


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  1. They also look quite similar to a range that Tesco did (is still doing?) a few months back called Cocopia

    It wasn’t that bad and was only £2 for a slice.

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