Galaxy Ripple

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Recently, LindtLover asked us to review Galaxy Ripple, so we decided to scour the shops looking for one. Actually, it wasn’t that difficult – my local newsagent had them, but I’d somehow managed to overlook them until now.

Galaxy Ripple

Galaxy Ripple is Masterfood’s answer to Cadbury’s Flake or, more accurately, Twirl. It consists of folded or ‘rippled’ Galaxy milk chocolate with an outer coating of… more chocolate. The result is a pure chocolate bar with lots of air, that crumbles in your mouth.

The main difference between Galaxy Ripple and Twirl is the chocolate itself. Twirl uses the fairly average Dairy Milk chocolate, but this is made with Galaxy, which is a much creamier milk chocolate.

Galaxy Ripple

Now I have mixed feelings about Galaxy. I love it, but only in small doses. It’s a little too creamy to eat in a large bar and starts to get a little sickly if you eat too much. Dairy Milk however, I can pretty eat all day without noticing.

But this bar is just the right size to get the best Galaxy experience, and the ripples really do add to that. The thin layers of chocolate and the gaps in between somehow make it even more delicous.

The one thing I would say about this bar is that it doesn’t crumble quite like a Flake does. Presumably because the creamier chocolate is that little bit softer. I’m sure putting this in the fridge for a while would help here.

If you’re a fan of Galaxy or Flake, then you’ll definitly like this. I’ve added it to my ever-growing “buy this again” list.


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  1. “Galaxy Ripple is Nestlé’s answer to Cadbury’s Flake or, more accurately, Twirl.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Galaxy a subsidiary of Masterfoods (the guys who also own Mars)? That’s what I thought at least…

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    No, you’re quite right. I’m not entirely sure what I was thinking of when I wrote that!

  3. alice

    sadly, i find these burn my throat……they’re just soooo sweet!

  4. LindtLover

    Sweet justice!

    Thankyou Dom!

  5. Matthew

    How anyone can eat Cadbury’s I just don’t know. It’s dreadful stuff – Trash. Tastes like it was made with sour milk. Galaxy – Now THAT’s yummy! My friend in Japan, Yuh, has never had Galaxy and I’m going to take her some next time I go – She’s going to go nuts for it.

  6. Craig

    How can you say it’s not flaky enough? The whole point of the rippled chocolate is that it melts easily, making it seem even creamier. A flaky galaxy would be pointless.
    Try eating them the way I do: nibble off the outer layer of chocolate, then take each ripple out, one by one, with your tongue. They melt even before you close your mouth! That flake rubbish has the texture of reconstituted chocolate, if such a thing exists. And the reason you can eat so much of it is because it’s designed so that people eat lots of it, giving the company more money.

    I’m addicted to ripples. 🙁

  7. [****W E….L O V E…..R I P P L E S!!! =]****]

  8. alon

    does anyone know when can I purchase galaxy’s ripple in the usa ?
    i cant find it online

  9. mattabee

    i love ripples!

  10. Saffie x

    Although I find Galaxy chocolate far too sickly, I prefer this to a Flake. Perhaps it’s the way the bar is created.

  11. Colin Bainbridge

    Ripples are superb, 100 times better than cadburys flake and best of all my local asda are selling them at the moment 4 in a pack for £1…..Oh yes lovely !!!!

  12. Andy Thomas

    Does anyone know when Galaxy Ripple’s fist went on sale in the UK ?

  13. SarahLund

    I find the texture pretty light on my stomach, which is important for me, as I get bloated too easily. Lighter bars are easier on digestion. I like these better than the Cadbury Flake.

  14. Justin

    The Ripple is my favorite chocolate bar. The bonus is when the supermarkets have an offer on for a pack of 4 for £1.
    I must confess I am guilty of finishing all four within 10 minutes, and occasionally I have resorted to taking a few more from the next pack of 4 I bought. I used to buy more than 1 pack due to the fear of the offer ending, however that stopped due to fear of eating too many Galaxy Ripples in one day.

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