Milk Chocolate Monster Puffs

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Milk Chocolate Monster Puffs

Last year I reviewed a very similar cereal bar to this – Kellog’s Totally Chocolatey Rice Krispie Squares. I gave them a pretty good review – and not just because Kellog’s sent me a free chocolate fountain.

Sugar Puffs, if you don’t know, is a British breakfast cereal made from puffed wheat coated in syrup and sugar. They used to be made by Quaker Oats, but they’re now independently owned, and somehow still around. One look at this cereal bar and you can see they’re clearly copying what Kellog’s are doing with their Rice Krispie Squares.

Unfortunatley, where the Kellog’s version was actually quite chocolately, this particular bar is almost totally lacking in anything resembling chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Monster Puffs

That little squiggle down the centre is all you get. I’d estimate maybe 4 grams of chocolate at the most. So little in fact that you just can’t taste it. The sticky, syrupy wheatyness is all you get, even when you try to get a mouthful of the chocolate. It makes you wonder why they bothered at all.

I’m sure they’re simply trying to keep the calories down so parents of the kids that are going to be on the receiving end of this bar don’t complain too much, but all that’s going to happen is that the kids are going to complain and the parents will get the Rice Krispies bar instead.

Aside from the lack of chocolate, there’s not much worth writing home about either. Chew a chunk a couple of times and it disappears into nothing, ultimately leaving you unsatisfied. Perhaps there are kids out there who just can’t get enough Sugar Puffs who might like this, but there are literally hundreds of better, tastier and healthier cereal bars out there for the rest of us.


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  1. Just can’t live without chocolates 😀

  2. I absolutely love chocolate !! reading things like this make me very hungry!!

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