Hotel Chocolat Halloween Minislabs

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Halloween is nearly here, and while I’m not a major fan of it myself, any excuse for more chocolate can’t be all bad. So here we have a seasonal addition to Hotel Chocolat’s “minislabs” range.

Having only ever reviewed their giant slabs in the past, I was looking forward to something a little more managable, although it turns out even these minislabs are more than a mouthful.

The slabs come in four ghoulish designs and feature a combination of milk, white and caramel chocolate, and as you’d expect, they’re all devilishly divine.

We’ve talked about the quality of Hotel Chocolat’s chocolate many times before, and these are right up there with the best. The white chocolate is a little too sweet for me, but the milk chocolate is deliciously creamy and the caramel chocolate (a mixture of milk chocolate and caramel) is so ridiculously moreish that I couldn’t stop myself eating an entire slab in one go.

My only real concern is that these are way too nice to give to any kids that may come Trick or Treating on October 31st. And they’re also too big – I mean, what would the parents say if you accidentally induced a diabetic coma in their beloved offspring?

But I do have a simple solution to that – close all the curtains, switch off the lights and pretend to be out while you scoff them all yourself. Trick the kids and treat yourself….


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  1. Pol

    I like the idea of just closing the curtains and scarfing these all to myself. It might be worth having to clean up all the tricks the treaters will leave!


  2. Maggie

    Give those away? Over my dead body! I fell in love with the caramel chocolate from the moment I felt it melting on my tongue and no amount of trick-and-treating could make me give it up. Sorry, kids, you’ll just have to make do with something else.

  3. choco

    mexican chocolate tastse like sex and cigerettes!!:)

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