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Just South of the City of London lies Borough Market, home to a bewildering (and sometimes frighteningly expensive) range of gastronomic delights, from organically farmed meat to imported wines, ostrich, cheeses, and of course chocolate. Nestling among the plethora of stalls, you will find one that groans with an amazing array of fine handmade chocolates – Dark Sugars.

I first came across them just as the market was closing, and unfortunately was unable to make any purchases, but they let me nibble a couple of their truffles, and that was enough for me to decide to make a return journey as soon as I could.


The second trip was much more successful – I came away clutching a small sample bag containing a handful of the more esoteric flavours on offer, and it is these that I will review.

I chose what I thought were seven different flavours, but in fact I discovered that I only had a half dozen, missing out on the Gin & Lime truffle, so expect further reportage in the near future!

What I did manage to acquire were:


Vodka and Orange

Dark truffle centre containing tiny pieces of orange zest and the subtle flavour of vodka. Deliciously warming to the palate and, as far as I am aware, unique.


Dry Apple Cider and Cinnamon

Tastes like a lovely home made apple pie. Bursting with apple flavours and finished off with a warming hint of cinnamon. Another first for me, and a real pleasure.


Stem Ginger and Honey

The first time I’ve come across these two flavours in combination, and they work beautifully. The honeyed chocolate truffle melts on the tongue, and the morsels of stem ginger provide a subtly fiery top note. Sweet and spicy, and very moreish!


Cardomom and Orange

Again, the combination of flavours is another first. Tangy, zesty orange complimented with the unique taste of cardomom. A real pleasure.

imgp2714.jpg Infused Tobacco

If Dark Sugars had to have a flagship truffle, then I would nominate this one. Not only is it unique in my experience, but the flavour is something else. I would never have considered tobacco to be something one could add to a truffle, but this little beauty really blew me away. A triumph of imagination and daring. Bravo!

imgp2718.jpg Lemon Tea

A dark chocolate coated truffle which delivers a wonderfully subtle lemon tea flavour. The first tea truflle I have had, and definitely not the last.

Of course, handmade chocolates are not cheap, but I would seriously recommend trying these to any chocolate lover. They have a mail order service available, so geography is no boundary to the enjoyment of truffles that have obviously been made with a great deal of love and enthusiasm.

Go to www.darksugars.co.uk and tell them I sent you – every self respecting chocoholic should try their Infused Tobacco truffle at least once.


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Tobacco?? Tobacco!!??

  2. Simon

    Better believe it old bean. What’s more, it tastes amazing, and is one of their best sellers.

  3. I love these but I have to say that L’Artisan du Chocolat on the otherside of Borough Market is even better.

  4. Maddie

    Hiya, I am a fanatic of good quality cocoa rich chocolate. Last Saturday I bought a selection of truffles from the darksugars stall in Borough market and was sadly disappointed. The chocolate itself is of high quality but the different flavours non-distinguishable. I tried them out on my friends, also aficionado’s of fine chocolate and they too were hard pressed to distinguish the flavours. Such a shame. I tried the website but there appears to be a problem with access.

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