Willabrand Chocolate Enrobed Figs

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Willabrand Chocolate Enrobed Figs

A while back I tried, and reviewed here, the Willabrand Dark Chocolate Figlettes. The figlettes are little chaps, and at the time I mentioned they have a big brother. Today was the chance to give him a try.

The figlettes are small – grape sized – and have a shiny round coating, similar to the familiar scorched almonds. The Chocolate Enrobed Figs, on the other hand, are quite different. Firstly, they are a lot larger, and secondly, the coating is not as smooth or shiny. The chocolate has been poured over, and you can see the tell-tale flat part where they have been lifted off a tray. Our guests somewhat unkindly described them as looking like they had been dropped by an alien space-ship. The presentation is not as good. But its fig season here, so they look quite nice when sitting next to a freshly picked plain green figgy:

Willabrand Chocolate Enrobed Figs

Chopping one open reveals another difference to the figlettes, which were dried small figs, and quite full of crunch seedy parts. These figs, though, are quite different in texture. There is a great deal more fig flesh – dark, sticky and moist. The chocolate layer is quite thin, and claimed as Belgian though the source is unstated.

Willabrand Chocolate Enrobed Figs

We had a room full of adults and children, and ended up having to cut all these in halves to make sure there were enough to go around. The universal opinion was that whilst the presentation is a little lacking, they make up for this in flavour. I thought the figlettes were good. These are better. Not too sweet, but rich, plenty of nice fig flavour, not too crunchy from the seeds, sticky. Very nice, very nice indeed. All the children present liked them too, which is a shame because next time it means I’ll have to share.


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    I live in Perth I’m wanting to buy some of the Willabrand Chocolate Coated figs and Figetts have trouble finding how to can’t see any purchase links.

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