Choceur Madagascar 65% Cocoa

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Another one in the occasional ‘Can posh be cheap?’ series, this bar was not only bought from an Aldi (cut price supermarket chain) but was indeed manufactured especially for them. Not Fairtade, organic, raw or unusual – this is chocolate for everybody to enjoy. But is it worth buying?

The blurb on the back of the package informs me that this bar has a mild, balanced and refined taste, and at 65% cocoa solids I was expecting something on the lighter side of dark, if that makes sense. One thing I couldn’t help noticing was that this 100g bar also contains over 32g of sugar, which I found a little surprising.

This bar smelled more like a milk chocolate, with a light, citrussy top note sitting above some pretty good woody/grapey undertones. As for flavours, well I found it actually had quite a lot to offer. A light, grapey start with hardly a hint of bitterness that developed into a very lightly spicey, cedary combination. Very soft on the palate and never bitter, this proved to be a bit of a find, albeit quite a sweet one. I could probably get used to this as an ‘everyday’ sort of chocolate, although I think I might prefer something a little darker, but for those of you who are slowly making their way into darker more complex territory I would recommend giving this one a try.

An unexpected pleasure, and at a bargain price. I’ll certainly pop into Aldi again for more of this!


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  1. dkjfsdhrhkjhfs

    is this really from madagascar?????

  2. Hungryforchocolate

    Would you know where one can get these choceur chocolates in Perth? We dont have Aldi’s here in Perth! 🙁

  3. Lindsay

    I just bought three of these from Aldi; a Madagascar 65%, an Ecuador 75% and a Venezuela 55%. Interestingly I found the 55% to be the nicest, followed by the 65%, but I don’t think any of them are quite as good as the Moser-Roth 70% that’s also sold at Aldi.

    dkjfsdhrhkjhfs(!): The packaging certainly claims it is.

    Hungaryforchocolate: The packaging says Choceur is a registered trademark of Aldi and would seem to be their in-house brand, so it’s probably unlikely to be found elsewhere.

  4. Carole Deering

    This candy is delightful! Preferable to higher priced chocolate and worth the drive to find an ALDI store to locate it! The packaging is beautiful and definitely not what one would expect in a discount market. I would love to purchase this product online if it were available. it is truly “gift-worthy” and have many friends that would enjoy it! ALDI is a fine store and they provide a lovely assortment and presentation of products in a very attractive neat and organized fashion, at such reasonable costs. Wish there were more markets and products available like ALDI!

  5. Rita Cox

    Aldi has discontinued the range of Choceur single origin chocolate. Where can I get some still?

  6. Carole Deering

    I don’t eat very many desserts or foods with a high fat content. I am a nutritionist- MS,RD,LDN. “However” Madagasgar Chocolate, introduced to me by my 96 year old mother, is the exception! It is truly an elegant, lucious and gourmet level chocolate treat that easily compares with but really SURPASSES the most highly esteemed chocolates! Every item in the variety of the Madagascar family is a delight!
    Many compliments!

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