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Upon hearing the news that Cadbury are to launch Flake Dark next month, I immediately went out and bought a multi-pack (5) of the original Flakes. Call it my mini protest if you will.

I noted upon opening the multi-pack wrapping that the Flake was…smaller than usual. Please oh lord of all things cocoa let the reason be that multi-packs are meant to have smaller Flakes in them and not a. Cadbury have reduced the size of the Flake or b. I have grown so big that everything seems smaller these days.

Ignoring the smallness of the Flake I must say that they were it was as yummy as ever. (of course the other 4 remain in the pack for later) I put forward the same question as with Cadbury Chocolate Buttons, ‘same chocolate, different taste/experience?’

The Cadbury Flake bar was originally launched in 1920. The concept of the Flake was discoved by a Cadbury employee who filled the chocolate moulds. Once the moulds were full, the excess chocolate used to spill over the edge and fold down in a stream of chocolate. Once this stream cooled, the Flake product was created as the texture had many thin layers of chocolate and was very crumbly and flakey!

God bless that employee!!

Now I must mention the wrapper. It is a foil wrapper with a thin line of glue holding it together along the length. It is then twisted xmas cracker style at each end. It wasn’t always like this. For one, there never used to be the glue and it it was easier to unwrap. It needs to be easier to unwrap because you don’t want to break the Flake. Cadbury Flake is a delicate little bar of scrumminess and should be worshipped in it’s completeness prior to the devour.

The other thing that has changed, is the wrapper material itself. It wasn’t always foil. I’ll be honest I say I can’t quite describe it (can anyone help me on this?) but it was a plasticy/paper that you could FOLD. To enjoy your Flakey moments you need to be able to fold the wrapper. The climax of the Flake experience is gathering all the Flake crumbs and allowing them to slide down the folded wrapper onto your tongue. I was left with no option but to gather up the crumbs by sticking my tongue out in order to pick them up. Most unbecoming of a sophisticated chocablogger…

Talking of sophisticated chocabloggers, I’m hoping that Simon will be kind enough to give us his opinion on Flake Dark when it is launched. I have to admit that the idea of a Flake made from dark chocolate just doesn’t appeal to me and I really can’t imagine sticking it in my ice-cream “99” style.

Questions – is dark chocolate posher than milk chocolate? Will you switch to dark because of the health benifits? Does the higher quality of dark chocolate affect our ‘treat time choice’?


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  1. dan smith

    i love the way you make it so nice. i have to go out of school to get one now because you made it so irresistible.

    P.S. you ruined my diet.

  2. dan smith

    mmmmmmmmmm that flake was soooo good

    GET ONE NOW!!!!!

  3. Question for you…

    Is the flake, less crumbly then it used to be, or is it just me?

  4. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Andy: Difficult to say. How crumbly did you used to be?

  5. Simon

    Heh, thanks for the offer. I may just check out the Dark Side of the Flake after all.
    I’ve been busy eating Lindt (in very small amounts over a long period).

  6. Hello Chocolate Lovers !!
    How many people out there remember Cadburys Plain Flake when it came out first time around, it was when a Plain Flake could be bought for just 5p (One Shilling in old money !!).
    I have a picture of the label on my ACE Alans Chocolate Experience website which can be visited at the following URL
    You may like some of the other chocolate items shown on my website.
    Best regards,
    Alan Edwards

  7. i love flakes actually all cadburys chocolate i really should do a post about it some time

  8. Terri Jayne Bryan

    Hi there, I am currently doing a project about the sexualisation of cadburys flake at uni. Does anyone know of any books, articles, or sites where I could get some resourceful information on? I am currently getting just nutrition sites and general overviews of cadburys flake. Any help would be wonderful.

    Many Thanks

  9. Ennjay

    I love flakes but the dark one is a no no. No no.

  10. Aarti madhwani

    i just love cadburys flake. its yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  11. but it is not available in south east asian region such as malaysia. i did eat it. i love it!

  12. yum!
    was just linking to your delish description for a friend who lives in USA. she’s seriously deprived lol.
    as to your dark flake question:
    dark choc is my absolute fave, but nothing beats original flake in the top of a BK icecream lol!
    katie X

  13. I’m Kate’s USA friend. It looks good, but dark chocolate would be better for my husband, who is lactose intolerant.

  14. Sherry

    Flake is the best chocolate bar on the face of the planet. How it melts in your mouth after each bit. Oh the warm chocolatiness that I lived for. My life has been a barren wasteland for the past 15 years. Even the laughter of a baby or the cuteness of a puppy couldn’t even shed a tiny ray of light on my abysmal dark world that I called my life. I miss them so much. Where did you go and why did you leave me? Alone…all alone. Aaahhhhhhhh… Kidding. But I have found a site to order them. YAHOOO!!!!! Life is good again. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. Yes they are the best chocolate bar on the face of the planet.

  15. Hi!
    Your site is marvelous! Your post perfectly describes my own experience with CadburyFlakes! Here in India, it is not commonly available with only a few shops in South Bombay selling it. It is amazing. It is costly for most people here for Rs. 40 per bar but it absolutely justifies the cost! I must admit, 1920 was the most important year of the century gone by. That was the year this heavenly delight was gifted to the human race by Cadbury. I wish more shops sellit here so that its availability is not a problem.

    Btw, your blog is wonderful, I am absolutely recommending it to my friends.



    • Gansh

      Hi Natalia, I am from bangalore and have been looking for this. I’ve had a few friends in Mumbai look around but they haven’t been able to find it anywhere so could please tell me the name of these shops or a landmark near which to look for these shops? Thank you.

  16. emily

    not tried dark flake yet.
    but in general yeah im turning to dark chocolate.
    for health and…
    i never realised how nice it was!

    nice review- im eating a flake now 😛

  17. Lanakila

    GAAAAHHHH! I can’t find Flake Dark *anywhere* now! I even checked eBay – nothing. It seems to be out of stock everywhere…I hope they fix that soon…I’m on my last and for me milk chocolate just doesn’t do it (sorry, milk chocolate lovers).

  18. Siddartha

    Hello everyone!!!

    I’m from Dominican Republic and a friend of mine gave me one bar of Flake that she brought from the UK, and now I’m crazy for this chocolate. They are delicious… but we don’t find them here in DR… 🙁

  19. where can i buy in malaysia?????

  20. where can i buy cadbury flake in malayasia??????

  21. you can answer my question????????

  22. eoung

    I’m just wonder about Cadbury in Thailand where Cadbury I can buy in Bangkok.

  23. fatimah

    I love cadbury flake it is the best.

  24. I was just eating some Flake-y goodness (at 4am, free of guilt) and got the urge to Google. I had no idea that’s how Flake came about. I feel so enlightened. 🙂 If you’re in North America and have never had Flake, go to World Market. They sell the single bars and the multi-packs. And Fry’s Turkish! (*makes Homer Simpson’s donut noises*) But yeah… where was I going with this? (*thinks for a few seconds*) Can’t remember now. But I’ll have to hunt down the dark chocolate version. Not really my thing, but I’m curious.

  25. Merav

    I actually like the new wrapper!!
    It makes a lot of sense – you carefully open the top, and eat the flake in bites. While doing so, all the crumbs fall to the bottom of the wrapper “tube”, and then you lift it, and lift your head up, and the crumbs go rolling out into your mouth – perfect! 🙂

  26. crumble

    Just a quick question if i put a flake bar in the post will it reach its destination intact?

  27. Crumble: Depends on how you pack it. A few times, I’ve managed to break them just getting them from the store to my apartment. The structure is pretty fragile if you nudge it the wrong way. (Just as tasty all crumbled up though.) And you’ll want to pay attention to whether your origin and/or the destination are summer-y. I’ve received melted chocolate in the post before. Not so yummy.

  28. firus

    I studied in the UK and flake absolutely became my most favourite-est(!) of chocolates EVER!! Never missed an opportunity to buy them. Now back in Malaysia and 15 years later and.. still no flake.. :'((

  29. jassi

    i love the way it dissolves in our mouth..muuuhhhh

  30. OMG how I wish I had a Flake bar right now. You’re right, this review does not give this chocolate justice. Just crumble them on top of ice cream, and you’ll have a marvelous treat. I had such a hard time finding these chocolates in the States, but I found a website ( that sells them for less than a buck! I bought 48 the second I saw it, but now I’ve run out…perhaps during Christmas time!

  31. Nandyb

    God! Your article watered my mouth! Unfortunately I won’t have a Flake bar n my hands until October!!! I honestly can’t wait!
    BTW–> I loved your narration!

  32. Jan

    Oh my!!! Those Cadbury Flakes seemed irresistible. Too bad for me I’m on fasting… Hmmn…, but a while after my break, I’ll definitely have one.

  33. brittany

    Ohh yummmyy Flaaaake.
    I just had a flake luxury (the chocolate coating doesn’t really make any difference norluxurious) & I would just like to join in and cheer for flakes too!

    it is so crazy that the texture of a food can make it so much more incredibly delectable.
    I mean I like chocolate…….but I LOVE flakes!!!
    Oh the flakey goodness

  34. I love you FLAKE CHOCOLATE forever………
    taste sweetyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    I want to eat FLAKE……….yummmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyy

  35. paula

    hi everyone,
    im a girl from holland, and i what some flake chocolate!!
    how do i get it here in the netherlands??
    please can some one help me??
    greatz paula

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