Thorntons Mini Brownies

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Thorntons Mini Brownies

Since the rest of the Chocablog team seem to be in a cakey/biscuity mood, I thought I’d join in and review these tempting little morsels from our old friends Thorntons. When I picked them up there was an introductory offer going on, but I’m not sure how long this will last.

As you can plainly see, what we have here is another award winning Thorntons product, proving that the company is indeed making great strides in reinventing itself as a purveyor of quality goods.

So what of the brownies? Well, as you can see on the package, they’re a combinaton of cake, fudge and chocolate. Here’s what they look like out of the packet.

Thorntons Mini Brownies

They’re small but perfectly formed. They LOOK moist and inviting, and the chocolate coating is both generous and of suitably high quality. These little brownie bites deliver everything you’d expect. I had my first lot with a good quality vanilla ice cream and they were excellent. There’s enough of everything to let you know what you’re eating, and the three principal flavours of chocolate sponge, fudge and milk chocolate are perfectly balanced.

Perspnally I feel mini brownies are a rotten tease. I’d prefer full sized ones please.


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  1. MS

    Never been a fan of store bought chocolate desserts, but these actually looks good. Perhaps I’ll break my rule and give it a try.

  2. Lora McGinlay

    Brownies are so easy to get wrong, especially out a packet, but I tried these for the first time a few weeks ago and they are wonderful. Lethal though if you’re calorie counting – mini just makes you eat more!

  3. Firstly, Simon, this seems so, well ‘local’ for such a well-travelled chocoholic like you!

    Secondly, I want those – why isn’t Thornton’s branching out in Australia?

  4. Christine

    I usually wouldn’t go with store bought brownies either but I think I’d make an exception here. I could almost lick my screen they look that good!

  5. jessica

    these are the most beautiful cakes i have ever tasted i am your biggest fan i buy them at asda and end up eating the lot emmmmmm x

  6. michela

    they are AMAZINGGGG…..i looked them up to try and find out a recipe. i would actually live on them!!!
    my friend jess reccomended them to me so i went STRAIGHT to asda to purchase it.
    so bigg upp 2 ma girl jess 4 doing that otherwise i would hav missd out BIG TIME !

  7. jessica

    the choclate brownies are soft an choclaty when u bite into it then u get this amazing melted choclate at the firm base of it they are to doe for once i went through 8 packets in one day

  8. sharon

    these brownies are ruining my life.. i have a serious addiction to them.. they taste amazing… amazing…. ive put on so much weight in the last 3months…. i cant resist them… ive tried.. i just cant..som1 help.

  9. These brownies are just heaven…and so is the loaf cake. Yes, the loaf cake (no one know what I am talking about)!
    I used to purchase it from Morrisons and they stopped stocking it. Any ideas where I can get it from? There is no mention of it on the Thorntons website.

    It is a chocolate long loaf cake with a thin layer of cream in the middle. And is not the rounded cake that comes in the box. This was cylindrical and came in a plastic packet like any other loaf cake.
    I think I can’t live anymore without it…..Any ideas are desperately welcome.

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