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I’m not entirely sure I approve of this. The people at Mars / Masterfoods were obviously high when they came up with the idea for this because it’s a chocolate bar aimed at dieters.

“Taste the Chocolate… skip some fat” and “Half the fat of solid block milk chocolate”, it proudly proclaims on the wrapper. But in reality it’s just a slightly choclatier Milky Way (that’s 3 Musketeers if you’re in the US) – and it contains almost exactly the same calorie content (441kcal / 100g).

This seems eversoslightly cynical to me. I can just picture some bright spark in the marketing department coming up with the idea to re-package an existing product to extract even more money from the public.

Having said that… I really quite liked it. I’ve always liked the fluffiness of Milky Way, and this is just that little bit chocolatier. You get two mini bars in each pack, and they’re just the right size to stuff into your mouth whilst grinning like a manic 8 year old. Erm… probably.

If you like Milky Way or Mars bars, give these a go. But if you’re on a diet, I seriously doubt it will help much…


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  1. Did you get this in the UK? or somewhere else?


  2. dom (Chocablog Staff)

    In the UK. My local shop. 🙂

  3. Looks good. Any way I can skip some of the fat is good for me. Thank you for the post.

  4. jordan

    what is flyte ive never heard of it

  5. Giggles

    “But in reality it’s just a slightly choclatier Milky Way (that’s 3 Musketeers if you’re in the US)”

    Actually, that statement is incorrect. The Milky Way has a ‘ribbon’ of caramel in it…the 3 Musketeers is just the nougat.

  6. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Giggles: I was talking about the UK Milky Way, not the US one (which is equivelent to our Mars Bar)

  7. Alison

    The reason you think that these taste a bit like the UK Milky Ways is because they used to be the Uk Milky way.

    When the Flyte Bar came out, they changed the recipe of the UK Milky way to make them creamier and whiter, allowing the Flyte Bar to have it’s own new place as a lower fat bar in the market.

    Anyone who used to love Milky Ways in the eighties, but find Milky Ways now to be too sickly (like I do), should have one of these and the memories will come flooding back.

    Saying that, I havent noticed Flyte Bars around for ages and I am wondering if they have been discontinued, does anyone know? Or am I just shopping in the wrong places?

  8. Linottie

    Boots, my friend, boots.
    I love these flyte bars like i like my 10 children.
    My husband and i share 2 bars a night.
    and im only 13 stone.
    my kids have about 2 a day.
    its get quite expenise
    it was 51p in boots.
    so twelve people, two a day. 24 bars.
    12.24 a day.
    think about how much it is a month, a year.

    its all worth it.
    yum yum yummy.
    i love flyte

    • Ann Cooper

      Hi which boots do you get your flytes from . the one in Basingstoke seems to have stopped selling them. thanks Ann

  9. llew

    look ere fattys! u wanna lose weight? STOP EATING!

  10. jim

    i agree with comments made by alison. As a life long chocholic brought up on many great choccie products from the 50s onwards in the uk, i concur also that flyte is what the original uk milky bar tasted like. i also agree that mars wasted the milky way by making it sickly and cloying with that horrible ‘white’ (ok we know it’s name’s “milky” way) stuff, so I’m just glad we can still get flyte bars….as a postscript, what’s happened to good old Britain…we’ve sold our heritage for “a mess of pottage” (biblical quote) by that I mean we don’t own and manufacture any of our great british companies and products any more e.g. confectionary, Cadbury, Rowntrees, Mackintosh etc, cars, Morris, Austin, MG, leyland, Radios and TVs…Bush etc.

  11. Do you remember Cadbury’s Caramello? It came in 2 versions: Dairy Milk Chocolate (milk chocolate with a scrape of caramel) and Milk Chocolate and Creamy Caramel (milk chocolate with soft flowing caramel). It was very nice!

  12. Ann Cooper

    Hi Anyone know where to buy these in Basingstoke please.

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