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I noticed this little box of chocs on display prominently in my local Thorntons so decided to give them a try. They had rather a lot of them on the shelf right at the front of the store, so they were either promoting them heavily, or it was simply a matter of nobody wanting to buy them.

The first thing I noticed was the price. 99p for a very tiny, very light (43g) box of 6 equally tiny and light chocolates. They’d better be good.

The actual chocolates are individually foil wrapped and look a little like mini Quality Street. Pretty colours, but clearly they’re not going for the higher end of the market with these.

The six chocolates are: Soft caramel, Creamy Fudge, Chocolate Truffle, Crunchy Praline, Double Chocolate Croquant and Orange Crisp. And it’s really not worth reviewing them individually. They’re all milk chocolates (with the excepion of the Croquant which also has a white chocolate layer). They’re all soft centres (despite the packaging showing whole nuts!). They’re all just a little too sweet for my tastes, but they’re not bad.

The trouble is – and this is something that repeatedly affects Thorntons chocolates – that they are just bland. It’s as if the person who came up with this had no real enthusiasm for chocolate, but just decided to chuck a few cheapo chocolate recipes form 30 years ago into a box and sell it for as much as possible.

Given Thorntons recent return to form with their Summer Collection, this is a real shame. They obviously do have skilled chocolatiers, but it still seems that the management either don’t understand we’ve all moved on since 1975… or they simply don’t care.


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  1. Hi Dom,

    I saw these in Woolworths the other day going for 50p…i picked up one of the boxs and actually had to slyly check to see if there was actually anything in it…it felt sooooo light!

    I just put it straight back…no point wasting precious chocolate eating time on these and your reviews confirmed that to me.

    Great stuff as ever please keep it up


  2. angel

    Hi there
    Well I too have tried these chocolates, and decided the 99p box wasnt worth my precious pennies, but decided to go for the bigger box of 3.99 and what a bargain, as for taste, I thought there were very tastful if not just the chocolate but the box with its shiny gold edging would attract any magpie. I give them 9 out of ten for these and they make quite an economical gift for the young and old. great stuff thorntons.
    Angel x

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