Cocopia Black Forest Gateau Truffles

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Cocopia Black Forest Gateau Truffles

Another little box of truffles from the Cocopia range, I chose these for tasting because I always had a thing for black forest gateau as a child. In fact I have a vague memory of there being some form of chocolate with black cherry in it when I was smaller. (Answers on a postcard…)

I’m not sure these earn the epithet of ‘Luxury Artisan Chocolates’. After all, they’re a couple of quid a box and they’re sold in Tesco, and I think we all know that isn’t the sign of a true luxury artisan product, don’t we?

Cocopia Black Forest Gateau Truffles

Opening the box revealed half a dozen quite attractive looking truflles, made with a 70% cocoa dark chocolate shell which houses a dark truffle centre filled with chopped cherry. A quick sniff upon opening the box confirmed that there were indeed cherries (and natural cherry flavourings) around, which was a promising sign.

Obviously, being factory made chocs these were never going to have the whisper-light freshness of something from a true artisan chocolatier, but they did a pretty good job of delivering what had been promised. Slightly sweet, cherry rich and with good chocolate flavours, they didn’t disappoint in that area. The truffle filling was well balanced and didn’t cloy the palate at all either.

I think these are more your posh pocket money present chocolates. Something to buy your first serious girlfriend or a slightly upmarket Mothers Day gift from a small child or teenager. Artisan they may not be, but they’re not half bad for the money.


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  1. Or, in my case, ‘weekly shopping’ staple

  2. miranda

    i love these chocs, but for some reason they’ve disappeared from the face of the earth!

    And the memory from childhood is correct, believe it or not it was cadbury’s roses! They used to have a black cherry cream, oh and walls did a black forest cornetto in the 80’s as well…..i also have a issue with black forest gateau and ANYTHING cherry related

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