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Ah, Christmas – another holiday synonymous with novelty chocolate items. Like Easter, there’s an awful lot of seasonal chocolate out there, and most of it can be overpriced, if not downright unpleasant and overpriced. This festive offering from James chocolate promised to be a cut above the average supermarket offerings without breaking the bank.

James Chocolates have made this 45g Christmas Pudding truffle available for the festive season, and at £2.50 it isn’t going to break the bank, but it could make a good stocking filler or novelty gift. One thing is immediately apparent when reading the ingredients though – it’s authentic blend of ingredients mean it’s not for children due to the brandy content.

As you can see, the chocolate itself is a kind of oversized dark chocolate shelled truffle with a white chocolate topping and coloured chocolate leaves & berries. The shell and base are surprisingly thick and appear to be made from James’ 70% dark chocolate.

The truffle filling is as close to a Christmas Pudding in a chocolate as I have eaten. Dark chocolate mixes with muscovedo sugar, dried fruit and citrus peel, with a good dollop of brandy thrown into the mix. The fruit and spice combination hit your palate immediately and the chocolate truffle has enough body to mean it doesn’t get lost in the mix. The shell and particularly the base are very thick, and te It’s rich, it’s undoubtedly festive, and it did two things. It made me smile before I ate it and again when I tasted the truffle.

This is quite a neat little Christmas novelty. Hand made & reasonably priced, I think this is quite a neat little item. The flavours are authentic enough for it to do as it promises, and the price isn’t likely to scare anyone off. They’re available to order from James’ website right now.


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