Cadbury Crunchie, Caramel & Turkish Biscuits

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Cadbury Crunchie, Caramel & Turkish Biscuits

These new biscuits come in three varieties – Crunchie, Caramel and Turkish – and are made for Cadbury by Burton’s Foods who sent us these samples. Now I’m not the biggest fan of biscuits in the world, so I took these along to my birthday party to share with guests and get there opinions.

My first surprise was that people were actually more interested in the biscuits than they were with some of the ‘proper’ chocolate I’d brought along. Partly, I suspect, because of the shiny wrappers, and partly because it was something new with a Cadbury logo on that they hadn’t seen before.

Cadbury Crunchie, Caramel & Turkish Biscuits

All the biscuits went down well. The Caramel variety disappeared before I could even try one myself. The Turkish were less popular – and to be fair, western “Turkish Delight” is a bit of an acquired taste anyway. But my favourites were the Crunchie variety.

These mixed honeycomb pieces in with the biscuit rather than having a separate layer, giving the whole thing a nice crunch as well as the unmistakably sweet, Crunchie flavour. I managed to save two of these to try myself, and I rather wish I’d saved a couple more.

I’m sure the range will be a hit, but I think the Crunchie is the winner. You can get caramel biscuits anywhere, and the Turkish flavour just isn’t that good. But who wouldn’t want a Crunchie biscuit?

Unfortunately, there’s no cocoa solids percentage on the wrapper, but it tastes like every other Cadbury chocolate (i.e. very sweet and not that great). But if you’re into that kind of thing, then at £1.59 per pack of 8 they’re worth a try.


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  1. Emma

    Sweet. Sweet and, oh, SWEET!! Made my teeth actually ache!

  2. Kladyelf

    I want one – actually I want several … do you think they will be released in Australia?

  3. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I think it’s probably unlikely it’d be released in Australia, but you might be able to find them in a local Brit specialist shop or online (although I couldn’t currently see anyone selling them online).

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