Cocoapod Selection

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Cocoapod Selection

Cocoapod is a sweet company best known for their “Build A Bar” personalised chocolates. They sell more than just chocolate though, and the review package they sent me contained an advent calendar with (mainly non-chocolate) sweets and a big bag of Fruit Salads & Blackjacks (Mmmmm!) as well a little chocolate car, a chocolate lolly and a white chocolate ‘plaque’ with my name in big milk chocolate letters.

Obviously, we can’t review the non-chocolate stuff here, suffice to say it all looks colourful and fun. Luckily, they do a variety of bars that you can use as the starting point for your customisation, then add letters (in a variety of colours) and edible transfer patterns.

Cocoapod Selection

The ‘plaque’ with my name on it weighs 93g and is about 6.5×2 inches. I really didn’t want to eat this – partly because it’s just so pretty and partly because it’s mainly white chocolate and I knew it was going to be sweet. I’m quite impressed with how the finished product looks, and I’m not sure that the recipient of such a gift will want to eat it in a hurry either – white chocolate or not.

Cocoapod Selection

But in the interests of science, I bit into my name… and was surprised at how good it tasted.

Both milk and white varieties are actually pretty good. The white chocolate is 28% cocoa solids, and while it doesn’t have much flavour, it’s not too sweet, meaning you can chomp through it without feeling sick before you get to that strawberry flavoured pig.

The milk chocolate is 33% cocoa solids and is smooth, creamy and rather good. I had been expecting something along the lines of cheap Easter Egg chocolate, but this turned out to be very enjoyable. The lolly and the car are made from the same chocolate and disappeared disturbingly fast.

Obviously, you’re probably not going to buy this stuff for yourself, but for a unique Christmas gift, they Cocoapod certainly has my seal of approval.


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