Galler ‘Oh! Les Coeurs’

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Galler 'Oh! Les Couers'

When it comes to presentation, there are a couple of ways to say ‘posh’. Galler have chosen the simplicity of a strong, simple orange box with a simple branded paper wrap for this collection.

So what are “Les Coeurs”? I wanted to know. What would I find in the box?

The answer, folks is this.

Galler 'Oh! Les Couers'

I actually sat and looked at this for a minute or three. Impressive design. Four forty gram chocolate hearts with brightly coloured shells hiding under a plastic cover. Striking is a word I might use to describe them.

A sniff at them didn’t give much away. A hint of citrus perhaps, rich cocoa flavours most certainly, but the true contents are an enigma. There is nothing to inform the potential consumer as to what they are about to eat. In short, Galler are so confident about the quality of their product that they don’t feel it necessary to tell you what they’ve been up to.

I had a small “it’s a shame to destroy these lovely looking things” moment and then went straight to the yellow heart. This was the one that had hinted at some prior involvement with a lemon, and was selected as being potentially the mildest of the four. What it turned out to be was in fact white chocolate with a coloured chocolate covering and a very distinctive citrus tingle to it. The lovely thing was that the citrus zing worked to counter some of the sweetness of the white chocolate, mellowing the mouthful into a more ‘lemons-and-cream’ experience. I found myself reaching for more, but overdid it a little and found myself missing the benefit of some of that citrus. Best enjoyed in small nibbles so as to appreciate the subtleties of the added flavour.

The orange heart turned out to be a milk chocolate orange heart, but I had a feeling I was in for a slightly more upmarket taste experience than that of the well known foil wrapped orbs.

Galler 'Oh! Les Couers'

The chocolate is a strange hybrid beige colour, and the orange flavour is much more pronounced than the lemon was in the yellow heart. It’s very sweet, and packs a powerful tangerine punch that lingers on after your mouth is clear of chocolate. Fans of chocolate and orange will love this, it’s fresh and fruity and the tangerine flavours work well with the underlying sweetness from the chocolate.

Luckily, the red heart wasn’t loaded with strawberry flavour. What it did have was masses of rich, semi-dark cocoa with a slightly sweet topnote, presumably from the coloured chocolate coating. Think of rich, dark drinking chocolate with a dash of cream stirred in and you’re getting close. Waves of rich but mellow cocoa, semi-sweet and hugely moreish. Very edible indeed.

The purple heart seemed to have a light blueberry sort of flavour on the outside, but the flavours of the chocolate soon took over. Soft in the mouth, this particular heart was bursting with citrussy high notes. Slightly more bittersweet than the red heart and not as creamy, the cocoa flavours had more depth and less sweetness and a god clean finish.

As we all know, Valentine’s is a time for gestures, and traditionally in the West we give chocolates as a sign of affection. Giving these chocolate hearts to your loved one will do nothing if not impress them. It’s a neat modern take on Valentines gifting, artfully conceived and skilfully executed. Be warned though, this sort of classy package comes with a fairly hefty price tag, but rest assured that the object of your affections will be left in no doubt as to your feelings for them.

My own problem now is four broken hearts.

Galler 'Oh! Les Couers'


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  1. Fantastic review simon, loved reading the journey you took me through!

    Just to let all your readers know there is a 10% discount on all ranges at all they have to do is enter the Promo code: PROMO-VAL-2009 at the checkout.

  2. They sure look wonderful! Oh, what the hell, I’ll get myself a box of these just for the sheer pleasure of looking at them 🙂
    (And thanks for the code, Chris, I’l be sure to use it!)

  3. Wow, that really is a beautiful work of art, that box and its contents. Great description1

  4. Rita J

    I drooled onto my keyboard as I read your review….sigh are they available in Canada?

  5. You are so lucky….. but I do hope that your loved one didn’t get *this* particular box as a gift afterwards….?

  6. Christine

    That is one beautifully presented box of choccies. Love the clean, simple design. Very classy. Chocolate makers take note!

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