Lindt Swiss Classic Double Milk

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Lindt Swiss Classic Double Milk

Lately, I’ve been amazed at the rate it which Lindt have been able to churn out new and interesting products. Their range seems to be growing on a daily basis. Even my little local corner shop has a whole shelf full of Lindt now. (Although I suspect that’s primarily aimed at me because I just keep buying the stuff). While I’ve pretty much universally liked all the new additions to the range, I am a little concerned that the chocolatiers at Lindt are spreading themselves a little thin.

So what’s this “Swiss Classic” then? Well, it’s an upmarket version of Kinder Chocolate, that’s what. Sweet milk chocolate with a creamy white chocolate centre.

Lindt Swiss Classic Double Milk

Now, I really like Kinder. It’s very sweet, but it’s just so creamy and moreish. The Lindt bar shares that sweetness, but it just seems to be missing a certain something. The filling isn’t quite as soft and creamy as it could be and it’s just a little sweeter than it need be.

I don’t have any Kinder chocolate to hand, so I couldn’t say if this is actually sweeter, but it seems like it to me. On the other hand, that could just be down to the fact that this is a much bigger bar. With the tiny Kinder bars, you don’t get much, so you’re forced to eat it more slowly.

Having said all that, I do like this bar. It’s just too sweet for me to scoff down in one sitting like my instinct tells me I should.

And that annoys me somewhat.


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  1. uhm, deja vu! i feel like this has been reviewed already and now i will have to find the chocolate in the supermarket.

  2. Oliver

    Yeah hasn’t it been reviewed before?

    Its not a new addition, im pretty sure, but I love it – being slightly less expensive than the excellence range but “oooooooooooooooooooo yeaaaaaaaaaaah…” is what I say to this bar. Its the sort of nice thing you WANT to scoff, but the sweetness says “oh no you don’t sir, devour me slowly please”.

  3. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Simon reviewed it, yeah. Obviously all that sugar is affecting my ability to remember… and to go back and check the archives. 🙂

  4. Oliver

    No matter, its a good bar! And Lindt justifies multiple reviews! 😀

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