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I have to admit that I had no idead Interflora did chocolate hampers until one of these arrived at my door. Never having actually received (or sent) anything from Interflora, I hadn’t associated them with anything more than flower delivery. It turns out they do several different kinds of hampers, cakes, champagne and more.

I’m not entirely sure why anyone would choose to send anything other than chocolate, but there you go.

The hamper is a decent size. £36.99 gets you an attractive re-usable gift basket stuffed with:

  • Taste Half Chocolate Coated Oat Flips 150g
  • Four Anjels Double Chocolate Biscuits 100g
  • Divine Fairtrade Cocoa Powder 125g
  • Sally Williams Nougat 50g
  • Simpkins Orange & Lime Travel Sweets 175g
  • Hamlet Assorted Belgium Chocolates 125g
  • Hamlet Dark Chocolate Flaked Truffles 125g
  • Divine Fairtrade Hazlenut Milk Chocolate Bar 100g
  • Divine Fairtrade White Chocolate Bar 100g
  • Cocoabean Handmade Chocolate Caramels In Ribboned Gift Bag 100g
  • Black Jacks Chocolate Covered Peanuts & Raisins 100g

With the exception of the Divine chocolate, not the most recognisable of chocolate brands, but everything has a good quality feel, nestled in its bed of straw.

I’m not going to review all the contents of the hamper individually, although I do intend to review a couple of the more unusual items separately.

I decided to start by trying the thing I knew I would like the least – the ‘Hamlet truffles’. These long shelf life truffles are made with vegetable fats rather than fresh ingredients, and as such aren’t something I would ever buy myself. The box shouts the fact that they contain 52% cocoa solids, but doesn’t shout quite so much about the coconut & palm oil. They were a bit dry and not memorable at all, but they weren’t offensive, and I’m sure the average chocoholic (who doesn’t spend half their life reviewing chocolate) would happily eat them.

The ‘Oat Flips’ were nice enough, and I managed to consume the whole box without noticing. The nougat takes the form of a single 50g bar coated in dark chocolate. The chocolate isn’t much to write home about, but I love nougat and quickly scoffed this bar.

I’m yet to try the rest of the hamper, as there’s rather a lot to get through.

Overall, this isn’t what you’d call ‘fine chocolate’ by any means, but I do think it represents good value for what it is. For under £40 you can send someone a chocolatey surprise that has a varied selection and will last a long time. With next day delivery, it’s great as a last minute gift, and although those with a love of artisan chocolate might not appreciate it, I think the average chocoholic will probably love it.


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