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Flake DarkWhen Chocstress reviewed Cadbury Flake back in September, she noted that the ones she had were smaller than usual. Well I can’t say for sure, but I think this Flake Dark is bigger than usual. I think maybe someone at Cadbury is hung up on size…

The one thing this does have in common with every other Flake I’ve tried is that it’s crumbly. Very crumbly.

Interestingly, the Flake tag line “The crumbliest flakiest milk chocolate in the world” has been changed to “The crumbliest flakiest dark chocolate”. Which leads me to believe that somewhere “in the world” there may be a chocolate even crumblier. I intend to make it my life’s work to track this mystery chocolate down.

Er… where was I? Oh yes…

Flake DarkCadbury don’t often do dark chocolate, so taste-wise I didn’t really know what to expect. As it happens, it’s pretty good. It’s only 44% (which some people would say isn’t really enough to classify it as ‘dark’ chocolate), but it’s not bad – and I suspect there are limits on how much cocoa you can have while keeping that trademark Flake texture. It’s very chocolatey and has that trademark bittersweet aftertaste. Yum.

However, I now have crumbs everywhere. And that’s always been my issue with Flake. The taste and texture are delicious, but I really think Cadbury should supply a ‘free dry cleaning’ token in every packet. Then it would be perfect.

I definitely prefer this to the Praline and Snowflake varieties, but for me, it’s not quite dark enough to be a real luxury chocolate. And that whole crumbs thing is really becoming an issue. I simply don’t want to spend 10 minutes relaxing with a bar of chocolate only to have to spend half an hour cleaning up after myself. Pah.


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  1. Chrissie Diggins

    I have tried this and love it. To help with the crumbling I tend to keep the wrapper under the flake whilst eating it. This does not solve the whole problem but it helps a little. I agree that this dark chocolate isn’t exactly luxurious but more of a smooth taste on the tongue and I prefer this to the praline also.

  2. joan johnson

    come on Cadbury I just want a quality dark chocolate flake, do they exist, if anywhere, I’m sure it would be a huge success, if it were readily available not too much to ask, is it

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