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Baker Days sell personalised cakes for delivery that are specifically designed to be the perfect size to fit through your letterbox.

Anyone who gets a lot of deliveries will know how annoying it can be to arrange for re-delivery of a package that happened to arrive while you were out, so when you’re buying a gift for someone online, the last thing you want is for them to have to go through that kind of hassle. Knowing that whatever you’re buying will easily fit through the letterbox is a huge selling point.

We’ve seen letterbox chocolates before of course, and frankly we weren’t impressed. So while I was excited about the prospect of a cake with my name on it, I wasn’t getting my hopes up.

As it turned out, the Baker Days cake had me smiling the moment it popped through my letterbox and landed with a thunk on the floor. How can anyone resist a package marked ‘Private & Confidential CAKE’?

On opening the box, I was presented with some balloons, a birthday cake, a card, and a tin containing the cake. The tin is unbranded and re-usable, and perfectly protects the cake inside. The packaging is simple, but it’s clear a lot of thought has gone into making sure that your cake arrives in one piece.

The cakes themselves are all a standard 12cm diameter x 2.5cm high. You get 4-5 little servings from each one, which turns out to be perfect either for sharing with a friend of keeping to yourself.

The personalisation takes the form of printing on the soft white icing that covers the entire cake. The icing comes down over the base, so the cake inside is completely sealed in. This helps to keep the cake fresh as well as providing a large flat area for your design. You can choose from one of Baker Days’ many templates when designing your cake, or even upload a photo.

Think carefully before choosing a photo though. There is something mildly disturbing about eating your own face.

The cake inside is good – certainly higher quality than I was expecting. I went for the double choc-chip cake, and it was chocolatey and moist. There weren’t many chocolate chips in my cake, and of course you’re never going to replicate the quality of an artisan or home made birthday cake, but I was very happy eat all mine.

The best part about Baker Days cakes though is the pure fun factor. They may be a little silly, but they’re also sure to put a smile on someone’s face.


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  1. Ooh this one looks well thought out on a number of fronts. Good to know. Mmm!

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