Hotel Chocolat Munchkins

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Hotel Chocolat Munchkins

These cute little things are tiny little balls of shortbread cookie coated with orange-flavoured white chocolate. Each ‘pumpkin’ is about 1cm in diameter and there’s a total of 115g in each pretty little bag. Yes, this one is another Halloween special.

As you’d expect from white chocolate, they’re quite sweet, but they’re small enough that the sweetness is never really an issue. At 28% cocoa solids, they’re higher than the likes of certain milk chocolates too, so you’re still getting your fair share of the good stuff.

Hotel Chocolat Munchkins

Still, they’re “sweets” rather than luxury cocoa-rich chocolates, and for what they are, they are simply gorgeous.

The subtle but noticeable aroma of the real Valencia orange oil is evident as soon as you open the bag, and that real orangeyness comes through in the flavour too. For a few seconds you get that natural orange hit, followed swiftly by the sweet creaminess of the white chocolate and then by the unmistakable crunchy creaminess of shortbread biscuit. And all too soon, it’s gone, and you have to stuff another ten of them into your mouth (in a completely dignified manner, of course).

What else is there to say about these? They’re simply yummy. Way too good to give away to trick-or-treaters though.


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