Gorvett & Stone Handmade Exploding Frog

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Gorvett & Stone Handmade Exploding Frog

This sweet little creature from Henley-on-Thames based chocolatier Gorvett & Stone has a secret. Those green spots on his back should be a warning… bite into him, and he explodes. Literally.

You see, mixed in with the smooth and creamy 38% milk chocolate is a not insignificant amount of popping candy. Pop rocks. Only when the chocolate starts to melt away does the frog start to fight back, with thousands of tiny little explosions filling your mouth. It’s the most wonderfully bizarre and cute chocolate I’ve had in a long time, and at only 15g, it left me wanting more.

Looking at the Gorvett & Stone web site, he does have siblings, but he appears to be the only one that explodes. Personally, I just want to see a whole range of exploding animals, because now my frog is gone I’m feeling a little lonely.

We’ll be featuring more from Gorvett & Stone later in Chocolate Week, but if you can’t wait, I suggest you bag a few frogs now – before I get them all.


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  1. Laura

    This puts me in mind of the Chocolate Frogs from the Harry Potter books. 🙂

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