Berry Scrumptious Chocolate Bars

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Berry Scrumptious Chocolate Bars

From the people who brought you the ultra-expensive and ultra-yummy chocolate dipped fresh strawberries comes this collection of freeze-dried berries in chocolate.

We have four bars here, in a combination of strawberries and raspberries in white and dark chocolate chocolate. In each case, the berries are from Berry Scrumptious’s own farm and the chocolate is Belgian.

Berry Scrumptious Chocolate Bars

Strawberry and black pepper With Belgian dark Chocolate

A 56% dark chocolate with 10% berries and 1% ground black pepper. First impressions – way too much pepper! It may only be 1% by weight, but pepper is quite light, and there seems to be an awful lot of it here. It completely overwhelms the other flavours, and while a little bit of the fruitiness comes through at the end, the chocolate flavour is all but obliterated by the pepper.

Glen Ample raspberries in dark Belgian chocolate

The same 56% dark chocolate, but thankfully no pepper this time. Although there didn’t appear to be as much fruit in my particular sample, the flavours came through much more clearly. That’s more than can be said about the chocolate though, which has no real depth or character. Pleasant, but ultimately unsatisfying.

Berry Scrumptious Chocolate Bars

Strawberries And Cream

A fairly ordinary white chocolate with freeze dried strawberries. Not too sweet, but as with the dark chocolate, there’s no stand out flavours here. The fruit seems to be finely ground and mostly sitting on the surface of the chocolate, which just doesn’t work as well as larger chunks of fruit would. The flavour may be more evenly distributed, but part of the fun of freeze-dried fruit is the texture and intense fruitiness, which you just don’t get here.

Glen Ample raspberries with white Belgian chocolate

The best of the bunch. This time the fruit flavour comes through quite nicely and complements the white chocolate rather well. Occasional larger chunks of fruit give a nice tangy edge to things as well. Easily my favourite.

Overall, a nicely presented and well made collection, but one that would seriously benefit from some higher quality chocolate and bigger chunks of fruit. Oh… and a touch less pepper!


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  1. Amy

    I would love to try the Strawberries And Cream because I absolutely adore white chocolate as well as berries. As for pepper, I reviewed a Dolfin Pink Peppercorn chocolate a while ago and it was by far my worst chocolate experience ever. Chocolate & Pepper are not my bag baby!

  2. Many thanks for your comments Dom, will take on board the pepper vs strawberry content!

  3. Helen Thomson

    I would disagree, I love the black pepper chocolate it gives a kick but then you have the smooth chocolate to finish. They are all very yummy and the choclate in a jar always goes down well as a gift!

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