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Dom Ramsey - Chocolate ExpertChocablog has been covering the world of chocolate since 2006. In that time, Chocablog Editor and chocolate expert Dom Ramsey has built an unrivalled knowledge of the chocolate industry. Dom is a regular judge at the International Chocolate Awards and Academy Of Chocolate Awards and a member of The Guild Of Fine Chocolate.

I work with chocolatiers, chocolate makers and retailers to help them improve their products, source ingredients and reach a wider audience.

If you need a chocolate expert for projects large or small, here are a few of the areas I can help with.

Sourcing Chocolate & Ingredients

If you’re looking for the finest bean-to-bar couverture need something a little cheaper, we’ll help you track down the perfect ingredients. Need to source cocoa butter? Nibs? Or even raw cocoa beans for your first steps into bean-to-bar chocolate making? I can help.

Product Development

Want to know what today’s chocolate consumers crave and what they pass by? Need help creating a chocolate product from scratch? The chocolate industry is evolving rapidly and tastes are changing all the time. I can help you stay ahead of the curve. See the Cocoa Runners case study below to find out more.

Chocolate Tastings

Over the years we’ve tasted literally thousands of chocolates, and I can help with all aspects of chocolate tasting. I can help with organising a public tasting event, a private internal tasting or simply want someone to come in and provide feedback on your existing product range.

Content Creation & Copywriting

Writing about chocolate is what we do! Looking for someone to help write product descriptions? To write marketing material, or simply help with your website? Let me know!

I can also help if you’re looking to source an article about the chocolate industry for your magazine or publication, or simply need quotes from an industry professional.

Social Media

With over 25,000 fans and followers across all social media platforms, I’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t when talking about chocolate online. I can help you decide which social platforms to target and the kind of content that works best for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

Industry Networking

Since 2006, Chocablog has built up a network of thousands of chocolate industry professionals around the world. Weather you’re looking for a local supplier, need a bean-to-bar maker in Wales or a packaging manufacturer in London, or someone with industry knowledge to help with PR or marketing, I can put you in touch with the right people.


Case Study: Cocoa Runners

When the Cocoa Runners team approached me in early 2013, they were looking at setting up a fine chocolate subscription service. They had a great deal of experience in e-commerce, but no significant knowledge of the chocolate industry.

I came on board as part of the founding team and help them develop the product from scratch. Helping source the best chocolate in the world while avoiding cheaper, mass produced chocolate that can be indistinguishable to the untrained eye.

Together we developed the key offering – a monthly subscription service – and I introduced the company to a PR and chocolate tasting team. Together we sampled over 1000 chocolate bars, picking only the best. We developed a unique system of icons to describe flavour notes in the chocolate, and I created individual tasting cards for every bar we featured.

I helped run monthly tasting events for journalists, source new suppliers from around the world and create bespoke gift boxes around themes that not only looked and tasted great, but also hit the very tight budget requirements.

Cocoa Runners quickly became established as the number one artisan chocolate subscription service with an unrivalled knowledge of the bean-to-bar industry. Together we have introduced thousands of people to the extraordinary world of small batch chocolate.

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