Chocoholly Orange & Almond Milk Chocolate

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Chocoholly Orange & Almond Milk Chocolate

Just look at that. Have you ever seen so much ‘stuff’ crowded onto a single chocolate bar? I think the closest I’ve seen was Cocoa Tree’s Organic Ginger bar I reviewed last year. No ginger here though. This is big chunks of orange and whole toasted almonds embedded into a 46% milk chocolate.

I purchased this particular bar from Holly’s stand at the Taste of Christmas show and I was amazed at the variety of products she had on offer. This particular bar caught my eye simply because of the amount of stuff plastered on top though.

Chocoholly Orange & Almond Milk Chocolate

As you can see, the underside looks quite normal, although breaking the bar along those chunks is nigh on impossible, thanks to all the fruit and nuts on the top. The chocolate is here is a beautifully rich 46% cocoa solids milk chocolate, and frankly, it’s divine. Smooth and creamy and ever so chocolatey.

Then you get to the almonds and oranges. Aside from being huge, they’re rather tasty in themselves. The orange pieces are sweet and chewy and – most importantly – very orangey. The almonds add a nice crunch and subtle nutty flavour. So despite the fact that there’s so much stuff packed in here, you can still taste everything. As with everything of Holly’s that I’ve tasted, the quality of ingredients used really shines through. It’s over the top, but completely delicious.

I can’t see this on Holly’s online shop, so you might have to catch her at one of the local events she attends regularly in order to pick up a bar. Or just email her and pester her until she sells you one. Either way, if you can get hold of one, I highly recommend giving it a go.


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