Hotel Chocolat Tutti Fruitti Slab

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Hotel Chocolat Tutti Fruitti Slab

It’s always a nice surprise when the postman knocks on the door with a big box from Hotel Chocolat. This particular delivery contained two 500g chocolate slabs with a summer theme, and this Tutti Fruitti one really grabbed my attention.

Made from half 40% milk chocolate and half white chocolate, the front of the slab is covered in naturally coloured ‘graffiti’ that looks amazing.

Hotel Chocolat Tutti Fruitti Slab

The white chocolate has a subtle fruit flavour to it, and the whole slab has raisins, pistachios and cherries buried inside. The result is something that’s fruity, creamy and incredibly moreish. It actually tastes like the tutti fruitti ice creams I remember as a child. It’s just divine.

Hotel Chocolat Tutti Fruitti Slab

I had planned to just take a few bites from this oversized hunk of yumminess and save the rest to share with friends and get their opinion. Unfortunately, before I realised what I was doing, half the slab had disappeared… I know not where. Honest.

I did manage to save some to share with friends at a barbecue, but everyone who tried it had the same problem. I didn’t get the kind of feedback I was hoping for either – but that’s primarily because it had been completely scoffed before anyone had a chance to form an opinion.

Needless to say, this is a delicious, summery and fruity slab that’s made for sharing. Just don’t expect it to last long.


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  1. Beautiful! Nice for weddings, maybe? For the wedding party chocoholics??

  2. That looks like a work of art, albeit a delicious one

  3. Maggie

    What a beauty. I’m wondering if they do mini versions to devour on the spot. I guess I could manage a large one, too, but I’m trying to cut down on chocolate (sic!). Therefore I promise NOT to buy this huge, wonderfully looking and (judging by the review) delicious slab today during my lunch break.
    (As if.)

  4. Ben

    I want one too… And the Caramellow, and the Rocky Road, and the Triple Chocolate. Their slabs look fantastic.

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