Kinnerton Luxury Dark Chocolate

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Kinnerton Luxury Dark Chocolate

Back in December I brought the chaps home from cricket, and picked up a screw through a back tyre of the car. Of course we didn’t find this until Saturday afternoon when leaving out for a Christmas function: “What’s that strange click-click-click noise?”

After changing to the spare wheel, on Sunday we gave the wheel that I’d removed a jolly good cleaning, because it was filthy with road grime and this is supposed to be bad for alloy wheels. Cleaning up a wheel covered in grime has only one outcome: you get covered in it as well.

ANYHOW all this led us to a trip to the local super-hyper-mega-mart discount department store to try and buy a brush made for cleaning wheels. They do exist. We didn’t find one though. But as happy circumstance would have it a detour via the chocolate aisle turned up something new: Kinnerton Luxury Dark Chocolate. It claims to be “Delicious for cakes and desserts” which seems sacrilegious to me. What’s wrong with just plain eating it?

Also, the label proudly proclaims it to be free of nuts, dairy, gluten and eggs. This then, is one for those who have various food allergies and who can’t eat almost all other products, because most plain chocolate is processed on equipment that also processes chocolate with nuts, eggs, and so on.

Interesting, this is an import from England – which means it should be available in the UK. I think I vaguely recall seeing it in supermarkets there.

A check on the back (yes, I really am an ingredients freak) shows that it’s about 50% cocoa solids. And no milk? How do they do it? Unlike many of the under 70% chocolates, this is a nice satisfying dark colour, and breaks with that nice satisfying “crack” when you snap a piece off.

Kinnerton Luxury Dark Chocolate

So, wozzit like then? Satisfying! Actually, very nice. Not too sweet, not too bitter. Melts slowly. This compares very favourably with other good dark chocolates. I still don’t get the “cakes and desserts” thing. Perhaps they mean it to be used as a cooking chocolate, but really, that would be a waste. I’ve gone through half a block since opening the pack and keep coming back for more, and more, and more. It’s gooooooood.

Highly recommended, and for those with food allergies who might otherwise not eat chocolate, this one seems well worth considering. Check your allergy first and if the things NOT in it are your trouble, then give this a go.

Now, where did I leave that block?


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  1. I have a number of friends who live gluten-free. Thanks for the great tip.

  2. Yep this available in the UK although I’ve never tried it… will pick some up when I next do my weekly shop!

  3. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Seems they have a web site – – and they also own Cocoa Deli, some which we’ve reviewed before.

  4. It’s very nice stuff but you’ll find that most chocolate is gluten free – unless it has cereal stuff like wafer or biscuit crumbs in it, so eat and enjoy!

  5. Peter Taylor

    My granddaughter loves LUXURY DARK CHOCOLATE AFTER DINNER MINTS,I cannot get them any where,please can you help me. I live in Milton Keynes.

    Thank you.

    Peter B Taylor.

  6. Peter – I live in Australia, and so the Kinnertons products we can get here is very limited indeed. I suggest you try the web site that Dom has linked above, maybe you can contact them and find who they distribute through.

    (And enjoy Bletchley Park – you have a unique and fantastic place on your doorstep… I was there last year… envy, envy)

  7. Amy

    Hmm, I wouldn’t necessarily call it the ‘Careful Chocolate Company’… Rather, I’d call it the ‘discriminative’ one. Being allergic to soy, I have to avoid just about every chocolate on the market. This includes all the so-called ‘allergen-friendly’ ones that are dairy, nut and egg free.

    They all contain soy lecithin. I cannot believe Kinnerton have not even cared to try. It really stinks on their part to be honest. It’s not good enough Kinnerton, just not good enough. And it’s a real shame, as I can no longer buy any chocolate that is safe for me that is Australian-made except for the Cadbury’s 70% Old Gold (which works well for cooking but for taste????).

    Soy is one of the 8 (possibly one of the 4) most common allergens. It is a real shame that Kinnerton just doesn’t care about the soy issue. Neither does Sweet William.

    And the worst part of all, is that the ‘soy’ part of making chocolate isn’t even exposed. I am sick of chocolate diagrams just saying ‘we conch the cocoa mass and cocoa butter together to make chocolate and then add vanilla to flavour it’. Be assured, they do more than that – they just don’t like to have to cover up for their own weakness.

    Main reason has been because the medical industry continually claims that ‘soy lecithin and soybean oil are safe for soy-allergic individuals as they do not contain the protein from soy’. This is WRONG! I react to the tiniest amounts of soy lecithin and soybean oil. I’m not the only one either.

    That being said, there are some really good brands out there. Amedei in Tuscany is a gem for anyone allergic to soy as well as coeliac; no gluten containing cereals nor soybean products are used on premises. They are among one of the best chocolate makers in the world. And worth the effort and price to order. I got mine from

    Thanks for sharing your products.

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