James Dark Chocolate Cupcake Egg

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James Dark Chocolate Cupcake Egg

I’ve reviewed a few James Chocolates products before and had mixed experiences. More often than not, they’re beautifully presented original designs, but the actual chocolate has left something to be desired.

I usually find James products in the “expensive chocolate section” of John Lewis, but this time they sent a few bits and pieces direct. So I didn’t buy this, but according to their web site, it will set you back £9 if you want to pick one up.

James Dark Chocolate Cupcake Egg

As you can see, it’s an egg made to look a bit like a big cupcake. It comes in a giant cupcake case and is decorated by what looks like lashings of whipped cream.

Unfortunately, when you excitedly bite into it, you’ll find it’s solid rather than creamy. It’s just white chocolate. Not soft, not light and fluffy. Not cupcakey.

And it looked so tempting, too.

James Dark Chocolate Cupcake Egg

The actual egg is a simple 60% dark chocolate with no country of origin given on the label. But it seems to be the same chocolate used in the chocolate fish I reviewed in January. It’s quite sweet, but fairly nondescript. No doubt chosen so as not to put the kids off, but with my house
currently knee-deep in quality chocolate, this one does nothing special for me at all.

I still think most people would be quite happy to get this as an Easter gift though. It’s something a little out of the ordinary and a step up from the average mass produced egg, palm-oil laden egg. James’ products seem to be universally visually appealing – I just wish the tastes and textures would match up to the presentation.


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  1. Amy

    What a shame, it looks so delicious too. Although even if it were whipped cream I’d probably feel really really sick after eating it LOL

  2. Have never seen one of these before; looks and sounds pretty yummy.

  3. adam

    if it were whipped cream it would have little shelf life, probably get damaged and get crushed in the packaging – should be grateful it is white chocolate (thats costs more than a squirt of whipped cream!!)

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